07 Dec 2016

ACTED – Weekly Activity Update 06 December 2016

ACTED Sulaymaniyah: Cash and E-Vouchers Programming

In partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), ACTED has been implementing direct cash assistance in Sulaymaniyah Centre and food assistance through e-voucher programming in Kalar, Chamchamal and Darbandikhan districts in Sulaymaniyah governorate. Both modalities provide each individual with 20,000 IQD (equivalent to 15 USD) per month, through SCOPE cards.

To date, ACTED’s cash assistance programming has reached 5,883 families (33,156 individuals). Beneficiaries’ SCOPE cards are topped-up on a monthly basis. Beneficiaries can then redeem their cash through the Money Transfer Agent in Sulaymaniyah Centre.

Through e-vouchers, ACTED has provided food assistance to 4,033 households (23,101 individuals). SCOPE cards, topped-up on a monthly basis, allow beneficiaries to redeem their food assistance throughout the month as needed, providing more flexibility than paper vouchers. Through a singular distribution, beneficiaries receive their e-vouchers and PIN codes and can then redeem their food assistance at identified shops. ACTED currently partners with 16 shops in Chamchamal, Kalar and Darbandikhan Districts. 

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