07 Dec 2016

NRC - Weekly Activity Update 06 December 2016

NRC activity updates


NRC Mosul response to date

Rapid Response Mechanism:

  • Since last reporting: NRC had distributed RRM kits to 965 families, (5,985 Individuals)
  • RRM distributed 80 RRM Kits to 71 families who last week arrived to Dibaga camp
  • RRM delivered 887 RRM Kits to 957 families in Khazer camp
  • In total 65,133 individuals (10,043 families) have been reached


  • 300 NFI kits was distributed to newly arrived IDPs in Jadhah Camp
  • Winterization kits was distributed to 440 families in Hammam Al-Alil last week 


  • Construction of education centres in Khazir and Hassam sham Camps continuing
  • 16 temporary learning spaces established and ready to receive children in Khazer camp 1 and Hasan Sham camp 1
  • Enrolment to date: 2648 individuals in Khazir camp1
  • 1645 individuals participated in 59 catch up classes in NRC’s School Support Centre in Khazir Camp1
  • 1125 individuals joined 30 recreational activities in NRC’s School Support Centre in Khazir Camp1
  • 594   individuals received student kits in NRC’s School Support Centre in Khazir Camp1
  • Enrolment to date: 1410 individuals in Hasan-Sham camp1
  • 1077 individuals participated in 72 catch up classes at NRC’s School Support Centre in Hasan Sham camp1 
  • 1050 individuals joined in 47 recreational activities at NRC’s School Support Centre in Hasan Sham camp1
  • 808 individuals received student kits at in NRC’s School Support Centre in Hasan Sham camp1

Qayyarah: NRC set-up operations

  • Security and Risk Assessment (SRA) was conducted and no security issues were raised
  • Office Set Up: One apartment located in the Qayyara city centre was identified for a potential office
  • CASH programme: Approval for NRC to conduct activities in Ninewa governorate was secured.
  • SRA conducted for Hamam Al Alil
  • Shelter started needs assessment and planning to start distributions


NRC’s work in Hawiga/Kirkuk

  • 28-29.11.16: Meetings and field visits pertaining to NRC contingency planning for Hawiga displacement
  • Returns Working Group (NRC Co-Chair): issued Advisory Note regarding key messages and recommendations in the event of forced/involuntary returns (as informed by the Kirkuk context)


  • NRC’s Shelter team has started a tendering process for upgrading unfinished buildings for 100 IDPs families inside the city of Kirkuk

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • WASH team is continuing an assessment for the WASH upgrading under an ECHO Project
  • NRC is focusing on the new action plans under the SDC project and has arranged a site visit to the villages of Khallo Bazyani and Omar Bin Khattab villages and had several meetings with the WASH management committees

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

  • M&E team alongside with Shelter and WASH teams conducted a monitoring site visit to Alqadisiah2 to following up two different projects
  • M&E Assistant with Complaint Respond and Feedback Mechanism consultant conduced a monitoring site visit to Panja Ali and Alqadisiah 2

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response

  • Two women’s centres was set up in in Nazrawa and Daquq camps with construction foundations now being laid and case management starting up
  • GBV team conducted field visits to 4 IDP camps in Kirkuk
  • Through 2 sessions, the GBV team conducted psychosocial support activities for 147 women in Nazrawa camp
  • 102 women attended an awareness raising session on GBV in Yahyawa camp
  • In Daquq camp an introductory session about the GBV programme was provided to 24 women and 15 men
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