15 Dec 2016

ACTED - Activity Update - December 13, 2016

Rapid Response Mechanisms (RRM)

  • Since the beginning of November, ACTED RRM team distributed RRM kits to a total of 2,674 families (14,141 individuals).
  • ACTED team operated in both camps (Zelkan, Garmawa and Nargizilia camps in Ninewa and Tazade Camp in Baybukh, Sumaqia and Derek in Ninewa and Shariya in Dohuk): 68% of ACTED RRM assistance targeted beneficiaries in non-camp locations.
  • Over the reporting period, ACTED distributed in total 3,523 immediate response rations (IRR) of food, 3,499 hygiene kits, 2,609 dignity kits, 752 baby kits, and 6,939 packs of water.

 Shelter and non-food items (S.NFI)

  • Through the simultaneous implementation of four emergency S.NFI projects in partnership with OCHA and Shelterbox, since the last week of November ACTED operated in four different non-camp locations (Derik, Omar Qapchi, Baybokht, Smaqiya and Orta Khrab) reaching a total of 551 households (3,052 beneficiaries).
  • Over the reporting period, ACTED distributed 378 mobile NFI kits, 474 basic emergency shelter kits (BESKs), and 4 Vango tents.

 Child Protection (CP)

  • ACTED Child Protection Units (CPU) are setting up activities in Essian, Mamilliam camps (Dohuk governorate) and will begin activities once repairs are conducted in the camps.
  • Mobile Teams started registering children in three locations (Baadre, Sheikhan and Atrosh) and distributed leaflets to inform the community about the CFS/YFS activities and schedule.
  • Until now, 146 children (67 girls and 79 boys) participated in psychosocial, recreational and educational activities.

 Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)

  • Since November, ACTED CCCM team has conducted 5 Risk Assessment Site Priority (RASP) assessments in Baybukht (3 sites), Khazir M2 camp and Fadliyha.
  • ACTED has intervened with 11 maintenance activities that have improved the living conditions of IDPs in informal settlements.  Activities have included latrine cleaning, waste removal, creating room partitions, debris management and overall site cleaning.  ACTED has used CFW for incentivizing such projects.
  • ACTED has also conducted a training on mine awareness/MRE with MAG in Fadliyha reaching both IDPs and host communities while conducting training on site safety in Baybukht and in Khazir M1 camps
  • Mobile teams have also contributed to site maintenance in Nargizlia RC installing lights at the sites entrances, pathways in camp and inside functioning latrines
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