18 Dec 2016

MSF - New Maternity Clinic - Tal Afar

The international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has opened a new maternity clinic in Tal Maraq that will be officially inaugurated on 18 December. Women in Tal Afar district, Ninewa governorate, now have access to reproductive health services to ensure that they can deliver their babies safely. The ongoing conflict and the lack of functioning healthcare structures in the Tal Afar and Mosul districts are preventing the population from accessing healthcare. Most people need to travel over 100 kilometres to urban areas such as Dohuk and Zakho to seek medical care. The new maternity clinic in Tal Maraq is the only healthcare facility in Tal Afar district that provides sexual and reproductive health services, including ante- and postnatal care and safe deliveries for non-complicated cases. The clinic also offers stabilisation and referral services for more complicated emergency cases. “Since we started 24/7 services in the maternity clinic in November we have assisted 103 deliveries. It is wonderful to see more and more women accessing this facility, where they can deliver their babies safely”, says Vanessa Rossi, project coordinator in Tal Maraq. The maternity is located in a building donated to Ninewa governorate by Dohuk Directorate of Health. MSF refurbished the building and has adapted it to be able to install the maternity unit. The team working in the clinic includes a gynaecologist, midwives, nurses, a pharmacist, laboratory and sterilization technicians, and hygienists. MSF is also opening an inpatient department for paediatric cases (children under 12 years) in the same building, as well as a stabilisation unit for adults with life-threatening conditions. This is in anticipation of a potential influx of people fleeing from the military campaign in the cities of Mosul and Tal Afar, and to address the current lack of secondary healthcare facilities in the area.

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