04 Jan 2017

ACTED - Activity Update - January 4, 2017

Achieving Social Cohesion through Cash-for- Work in Anbar

As part of a pilot social cohesion initiative in Anbar governorate launched in June 2016 and funded by OCHA, ACTED has been implementing a cash-for- work programme targeting both internally displaced women and women from the host community in Ameriyat al Fallujah and Habbaniyah Tourist City (HTC) camps since 15 November. In order to enhance peaceful coexistence between IDPs and host community members, ACTED formed three women committees comprising 30 women, including 20 internally displaced women and 10 women from the host community. These women committees received training by the ACTED Mass Information, WASH and Child Protection departments to conduct awareness-raising sessions on fire prevention, hygiene promotion and child protection in Ameriyat al Fallujah and HTC camps. In turn, the women committees trained 70 internally displaced women on these issues. Together, the 100 women are conducting door-to- door awareness-raising campaigns. Additionally, 287 men were employed in Ameriyat al Fallujah and 100 men in HTC camps under ACTED’s cash for work programme. In both locations, cash-for- work activities consisted in infrastructure rehabilitation including the repair of WASH facilities, camp cleaning and garbage collection, gravelling of paths leading to WASH infrastructures, and the installation of water-proof tarpaulins on 265 tents provided by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MoDM). In HTC camps, ACTED also distributed bins and bin bags in order to enable the transition to a self-sustaining cleaning system within the camps.

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