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08 Jan 2017

Al Mesalla - Zummar & Sinune Peace Committees Activities

  • Sunday, 08 January 2017

The “Day After” program is developed by PAX and partners and aims to realize representative and legitimate governance, sound security provisions and increased social cohesion, ultimately leading to an inclusive post-ISIS reconstruction of Mosul province. The program is managed from PAX and partner offices in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Amman (Jordan), Erbil and Bagdad (Iraq).

Iraq has a population that is ethnically and religiously diverse. The Mosul province is home to the majority of Iraq’s minority groups, and is the most diverse region in the country. The ongoing dispute about ‘Disputed Internal Boundaries’ (DIBs), originating in the Arabisation policy of Saddam Hussein, causes an extremely fragile social fabric.

Please find the complete report attached below.

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