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08 Jan 2017

Al Mesalla - Life After Mosul

  • Sunday, 08 January 2017

A forty-minute drive from Erbil, after crossing the temporary bridge over the Nahr Al Khazir River that was erected after the former bridge was destroyed by militant groups, Khazer Camp appears in the distance, its white and blue tents forming an enormous grid that sprawls across the plain. Hasan Sham Camp stands not far away. Between them, they are now home to some 36,000 and 12,000 people respectively.  Since the offensive to liberate Mosul from armed groups began in mid-October, more than 60,000 people fleeing the military offensive have been displaced and it is expected more will make their way to these camps. The United Nations has estimated that more than one million people could be displaced from their homes.

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