10 Jan 2017

FUAD - Celebration of CFS in the new year of 2017

New Year begin (2017) and we had valedicted (2016), a sence brings hope and optimism in the souls and draws the happiness on the faces of people particularly the children who are the smile of hope in our life, So we only can offer them the most simple features of joys and hopes for a brighter future ,based on this and on the occasion of the New Year ( 2017) the Foundation of United for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD) and with UNICEF support had organized a celebration for children in child friendly space centers in  Lylan camp and mobile centers  inside Kirkuk (Hay Al-Wasti \ Hay Alneda) to enter the joy in the hearts of children ,several activities and competitions for children were organized during the celeberation and it was attended by the children and their parents ,gifts and rfreshments were distributed for the children during the activities.

Click the link bellow for the celebration video:


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