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12 Jan 2017

ACTED - Activity Update - January 11, 2017

  • Thursday, 12 January 2017

ACTED Mosul Response

Rapid Response Mechanisms (RRM)

  • Since the beginning of December, ACTED RRM team distributed RRM kits to a total of 2,175 families (11,497 individuals).
  • ACTED team operated in both camps (Qaymawa, Garmawa and Nargizilia camps in Ninewa) and newly retaken villages (Al Fadhliyah, Sumaqia and Derek, Orta Krab, Al Meghfera): 59% of ACTED RRM assistance targeted beneficiaries in camp locations.
  • Over the reporting period, ACTED distributed in total 1,495 immediate response rations (IRR) of food 1,456 hygiene kits, 859 dignity kits, 545 baby kits, and 2,689packs of water.
  • Since 29 December, when the military offensive intensified, ACTED distributed an average of 83 IRRs per location compared to an average of 67 daily distributions since the beginning of the operation.

Shelter and non-food items (S.NFI)

  • Through the simultaneous implementation of four emergency S.NFI projects in partnership with OCHA and Shelterbox, since the beginning of December ACTED operated in five different non-camp locations (Derik, Baybokht, Orta Krab, Sumaqia, and Al Maghfera) reaching a total of 4,865 individuals with life-saving NFI assistance.
  • Over the reporting period, ACTED distributed 696 mobile NFI kits and 40 basic emergency shelter kits (BESKs).

Child Protection (CP)

  • In December, ACTED child protection mobile unit operated in Fadiliya, where it registered 148 children for psychosocial support in Child Friendly Spaces and 10 children for specialized care (case management).
  • At screening sites and retaken areas, ACTED team and identified 35 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC).

Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)

  • Since the beginning of December, site maintenance activities such as solar light installation, debris management, latrine cleaning, and sealing-off windows for IDPs who found shelter at Derek Primary School.
  • ACTED also conducted mine risk education awareness sessions in partnership with Mine Action Group (MAG) in Fadiliya, reaching both IDPs and the host community.
  • ACTED is also leading on the establishment of a joint-agency complaints feedback mechanism which will be piloted in Khazir U3 camp with the intentions of spreading the system to all Mosul camps in Ninewa.
  • Most recently, ACTED has been instrumental in assisting the opening of Narzigilia camp. Here, ACTED is responsible for the registration of IDP and tent allocation and advises camp management on the application of national CCCM guidelines.   
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