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19 Jan 2017

NRC - Activity Update - January 18, 2017

  • Thursday, 19 January 2017

Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM):

  • NRC distributed 68 RRM kits (emergency food, water, buckets and hygiene items) to 58 families who recently arrived in Debaga camp from Qayyarah, Hawija, Bijil and Mosul.
  • NRC also provided 1,025 RRM kits to 955 families who arrived in Khazer and Hassan Sham camps.


  • 4,751 students attended catch-up classes and psychosocial support activities at NRC’s School Support Centre in both Hassan Sham and Khazer camps. 


  • NRC delivered 1,200 non-food items (NFIs), such as matrasses, blankets, heaters, hygiene items and kitchen equipment to families in Shoura sub-district, close to Mosul.
  • NRC also distributed 50 winterisation items such as blankets, heater, and hygiene items in Al-Samah quarter in Mosul.
  • NRC conducted an awareness raising training on fire and safety for Syrian refugees in Basirma camp. 

NRC’s work in Kirkuk 

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response:

  • NRC’s GBV team conducted regular visits to Daquq, Laylan and Yahyawa, and Nazrawa camps last week.
  • In Laylan camp, the GBV team, in coordination with International Relief and Development (IRD), conducted psychosocial support activities for 289 women and 314 men. Further, an awareness raising session was conducted focusing on education to 68 women and 103 men.
  • In Daquq camp, NRC conducted psychosocial support activities for 698 individuals, and delivered Kurdish language learning courses to 135 men. In addition, 218 women and 52 men participated in a hygiene awareness session.
  • NRC also conducted psychosocial support activitiesto 188 women, and delivered a session about the importance of education to 83 women in Yahyawa Camp.
  • In coordination with Save the Children International, and Kurdistan Relief Association, NRC’s GBV team in Panja Ali delivered psychosocial support activities to 389 women.
  • In Al Qadisya, NRC provided psychosocial support activities to 199 women and a session about early marriage and hygiene awareness to 88 women.
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