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26 Feb 2017

UIMS - Opens Caravan Schools - Al-Anbar

Throughout Kuwait by your side campaign, and under the supervision of his Excellency Kuwait's ambassador in Iraq Salem Al Zamanan besides Kuwait’s embassy in Iraq, and funded by The United Kuwait for Relief, and implementation by UIMS (United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief &Development) and under supervision of civilian crisis management cell in the office of Iraqi Prime Minister. It was opened (6) six caravan schools in Al-Anbar attended by members of the provincial council and the deputy governor and representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Education.

The opening of these schools within (22) caravan school, which are distributed among the provinces of (Anbar, Salah Al-Dine, Diyala) each school contains of 16 classrooms and two-management room in addition to health group. It was equipped with an electric generator, ceiling fans and air conditioning as well as double seminar seats.

This project is regarded as one of a number of projects that funded by (The United Kuwait for Relief) in order to help the IDPs and the returnees in the provinces that witnessed for damaged and destruction as a result for the worst circumstances and to the advance of the educational level in the province.

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