01 Mar 2017

NRC - Activity Update - February 28, 2017

Our work from Erbil

This past week NRC’s Erbil office delivered a range of activities, part of which included:

  • Providing 594 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits containing emergency food, water and hygiene items to 2890 internally displaced persons (IDP) in Kirkuk Road, Hamdaniya and Hammam Alil reception centres as well as Debaga, Khazer and Hasan Sham camps
  • Distributing non-food items (NFI) kits to 7140 individuals in Qayyarah and Al-Shura

Our work from Dohuk

NRC’s Dohuk office activities last week included:

  • Distributing 255 sealing off kits to 1530 individuals in Summel and Khanke camps
  • Conducting education assessments in Nawaran, Nargazliya, Omer Qapchi, Fadilyah, Khorsibatt and Taq Harib
  • Providing 102 textbooks to 12th grade students in Zagros High School
  • Enrolling 1787 newly displaced children in education classes in Nergezliya camp
  • Providing catch-up classes for 763 students in Arabic, English, math, and science as well as recreational activities in multiple NRC School Support Centres in Dohuk
  • Delivering seven legal information sessions to 74 IDPs in Zumar and Dohuk
  • Conducting two legal information sessions and providing legal counselling to IDPs in Wanna, Hamdaniya, Al Qosh and Sheikhan

Our work from Baghdad

The Baghdad RRM team’s work this past week included:

  • Delivering RRM kits to 138 individuals in Fallujah and Al Smoud camps in Anbar province
  • Distributing RRM kits to 157 individuals in Al Abayachi checkpoint
  • Providing RRM kits to 548 individuals in Kilo 18 camp in Ramadi sub district
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