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04 Jun 2017

ACTED - Activity Update May 2017

  • Sunday, 04 June 2017

Over the month of May, the displacement from West Mosul has continued at an increased pace, with an average of 5,000 people fleeing every day. Thousands of men, women, children and elderly people transit through Hammam Al-alil screening sites before moving to camps or relocating in off-camp locations. Their needs in terms of water, food, shelter, non-food items, and protection, are very high.

During May ACTED, liaising with the other humanitarian partners and the coordinating structures in the country, has actively participated in the Mosul emergency response through the provision of multi-sectorial support to vulnerable IDPs fleeing the city. Specifically, ACTED intervened in the following sectors:


On the 23th of May, ACTED and its partners have opened Al-Salamiya camp, located in Hamdanyia district, 30 km south of Mosul, and built to host IDPs fleeing from West Mosul. ACTED, as UNHCR partner and Camp Manager, has successfully managed the registration and installation of 4,916 individuals and 931 families, who have occupied 989 tents so far. In addition, over the past month, ACTED has established an inter-agency coordination forum in the camp, has been holding regular camp meetings, tracked existing services and gaps through the provision of 3Ws and notified any gaps in services to cluster leads.


During the month of May, ACTED has provided a first-line WASH response in East Mosul and Salamiyah camp.


For two months and a half, ACTED has been performing water trucking in two neighborhood of East Mosul, Qahira and Tahrir. In May, the total amount of chlorinated water provided was 17,188 m3, as a result of which, 94,414 East Mosul residents have benefitted from increased access to safe water supply.

Further, as the primary WASH partner in newly open Salamiya camp, ACTED has worked to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for IDPs in the camp. In May, ACTED successfully installed 44 x 5 m3 water storage tanks, which were connected to the 168 taps installed. Families living in the camp will receive 15 liters of water per person a day through water trucking. In Salamiya, ACTED also conducted garbage collection activities and a hygiene promotion session.

Shelter and NFIs

In May, ACTED started to implement the fourth phase of a project, funded by Shelterbox, aimed at providing emergency shelter materials and non-food items (NFI) to vulnerable individuals who live in critical shelter arrangements. So far, ACTED has distributed 709 Basic Emergency Shelter Kits (BESK) to returnees living in Khorsabat village, located in Telkaif district in Ninewa. In this village, SNFI needs are extremely high, given the considerable level of destruction endured by buildings in consequence of the fighting; as a result of the materials received, beneficiaries were able to perform shelter upgrades and improve their living conditions through an enhanced comfort and dignity.

Child Protection

During May, ACTED continued to provide emergency child protection services for vulnerable children and youth displaced in three districts in Ninewa governorate (Telkaif, Telafar, Mosul). Children and youth received psychosocial support through mobile CFS/YFS spaces, and they were also involved in awareness-raising campaigns, which targeted also adults.

In Orta Krab, Baawiza, Alqush and Biban villages, located in Telkaif district, ACTED mobile teams’ organized awareness-raising sessions on child protection topics for a total of 574 children, youth, men and women.  35 boys and girls received psychosocial support through the participation in recreational activities like sport, games and music. 11 caregivers in Alqush and Biban participated in parenting programming. In the 3 targeted villages of Telafar district, and namely Zummar, Tebat Alriyah and Abu Wajna, ACTED mobile teams involved 111 men and women in awareness-raising sessions on child protection, and 12 caregivers in parenting programming. Finally, in Tawela village, in Mosul district, 158 boys, girls, women and men received awareness-raising on child protection topics.  


In the context of the Rapid Response Mechanisms (RRM), ACTED has responded to the needs of IDPs from 72 hours from displacement, reaching a total of 150 families and 551 individuals living in Nargizlia camp in Shikhan district and in Khorsabat village in Tilkeif district (123 males, 134 females and 133 boys and 147 girls under 18). They received 168 immediate response rations (IRR) of food, 164 hygiene kits, 125 dignity kits and 332 water packages. While food rations and water are essential to ensure food security of people in the first aftermath of displacement, dignity kits are critical to preserve the dignity of women on the move and to mitigate the risk of gender-based violence.


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