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03 Aug 2017

UPP - Report on Resilience Groups Activities in Schools

  • Thursday, 03 August 2017

Un ponte per… | UPP is an NGO founded in 1991, immediately after the bombing of Iraq.

The aim of UPP is the prevention of new conflicts, particularly in the Middle East. This is achieved through advocacy and awareness campaigns, programs which educate and encourage cultural exchange, support to civil society, development and emergency programs and peacebuilding. UPP has been working for and with Iraqi people since 26 years. It is registered in Baghdad and Erbil and operates all over the country.

In Iraq at the moment the following programs are ongoing: Social cohesion (Peace-building, Youth centers and livelihood), Emergency (RH, MHPSS, Mass Com, Education, NFI distributions for Idps and Syrian refugees), Civil society support (Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative, protection of Women Human Rights Defenders, support to the Iraqi and Kurdistan Social Forums), Protection of cultural and environmental heritage (Books conservation and restoration, Save the Tigris Campaign).

This report focuses on the resilience groups activities conducted in twelve schools of Ankawa sub district (Erbil), in the framework of IBTISAM phase II project, a program funded by Caritas Switzerland that links child protection and psychosocial support interventions.

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