02 May 2018

TAJDID Iraq Foundation Signs a New Partnership Agreement with UN Women

After the series of major successes resulted from the partnership between TAJDID Iraq and UN Women over the past two years, a new step to strengthen this partnership was made through the signing of a new agreement to implement one of the projects UN Women in Iraq which is (MADAD) that came under EU funding and implemented in many countries (Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey).

This project is implemented at the national level and our foundation has been assigned to implement it in two governorates (Salahuddin and Mosul). The agreement entered into force on 9/4/2018 and will continue until the end of 2019.

The agreement aims to provide services and support to women in the IDP’s and host communities through the provision of several types of services such as:

  1. Money for work
  2. Mental health services
  3. Training and capacity development
  4. Various other services related to women and children
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