23 Jul 2018

Iraq Health Access Organization (IHAO) - Baiji Community Health House

Baiji Community Health House

As early as October 2017, the Iraq Health Access Organization, funded by the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), provided primary healthcare services in the East of Baiji district, SAD through a community health house, and now, after Baiji General Hospital and Al-Shatt PHCC were opened, IHAO decided to move the clinic to a new site.

West Baiji is an area that lacks health services as no governmental or non-governmental body reached it and thus it was the site of the new community health house. With a catchment population of 20,000 individuals, this center serves 3500 returnees and provides primary healthcare services to no less than 60 patients per day in addition to GBV and child mental health services.

The center was approved by the Ministry of Health and SAD Directorate of Health and we hope that it will be a step towards bringing back life to an area that took a heavy toll from the war against terror.

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