05 Aug 2018

Iraq Health Access Organization (IHAO) - Baaj Vaccination Campaign

Baaj Vaccination Campaign

3 months ago, the Iraq Health Access Organization began opened the Baaj Primary Health Care Center in Baaj district, Nenawa, funded by UNFPA and the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC) and the center witnessed more than 60 consultations per day. On July, the Iraq Health Access Organization (IHAO), in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Nenawa Directorate of Health (DoH), supported the Baaj vaccination campaign. The vaccinations included measles, polio, pentavalent and BCG vaccinations; it lasted from 24th June till 18th July and was supported by PLC. The number of beneficiary children under 5 years old were 1267, 670 males and 606 females.

IHAO is proud to support the national vaccination campaigns of Iraq and to participate in preventing the spread of dangerous communicable diseases among Iraqi children.

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