03 Sep 2018

BCF - Responds to Call of Humanity & Helps the Needy in Basra


Barzani Charity Foundation Responds To Call Of Humanity And Helps The Needy In Basra.

As a humanitarian initiation and out of duty in relief and assistance to the needy and after the incident of water pollution, thousands of poisoning cases and lack of water for human use Barzani Charity Foundation operated a convoy loaded with drinking water to be sent and distributed to needy families with great efforts from BCF heroes staff.

More than one million and two hundred thousand of water bottles in which 600,000 liters of drinking water was loaded in 22 trucks were distributed to Basra citizens as one of the largest campaigns have ever done by Barzani charity foundation, which in turn is considered as tent for all Iraqis wherever and wherever they are, especially for those in need of humanitarian assistance.

Despite the distance between Basra, which is located in the southernmost part of Iraq, and Erbil in the far north, BCF was able to be among the first convoys that came to help people in that far province as this distance did not stand as an obstacle for BCF humanitarian mission.

This campaign is considered as a temporary solution until permanent and radical solutions to the water crisis will be found, knowing that BCF has also undertaken to provide more than 7,000 IV fluids and 52,000 Oral Rehydration salts to deal with the increasingly widespread poisoning cases in Basra.

Please download the attached file which is BCF newsletter edition 43 in Kurdish, Arabic, & English.

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