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13 Jul 2020

UIMS National Campaign Against COVID-19 Pandemic Iraq - 2020

  • Monday, 13 July 2020

National campaign against COVID-19 Pandemic Iraq-2020

In cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Environment (MoH), The United Iraqi Medical society for Relief and Development (UIMS) is implementing - Under the slogan “# Sahetak Amana” - a national campaign against COVID-19 pandemic in Iraq - Baghdad for one month June 29th till July 27th 2020. The campaign will target ten districts, five in Kark side (Al-Huriya, Al-Shula, Al-Aamel neighborhood, Al-Amiriya and Al-Dora), and other five in Al-Rusafa side (Al-Sader city, Al-shaab, Baghdad Al-jadeda, Al-Zafaraniya and Baladieat). Which are considered as the most affected districts within highly increased number cases.

The campaign will target more than 5 million citizens through multiple medical mobile teams. Our actions are addressed by distribution of awareness brochures, broadcasting through voice messages and awareness preview monitors, and raising advertisements on radio stations, TV satellite channels, mosques and Husayniat.

The campaign will focus on four main goals (wearing face masks, washing hands with soap or sanitizers, keeping social distants and dispel the rumors, spread the spirit of hope and take the right information about pandemic from the official health authorities in Iraq).

The masks will be given to the citizens with explanation about the right and safe way to wear.

Al-Sader city in Rusafa side was the first to be targeted by the campaign, it lasted for three days in (Al-falah street, 55 square, Habebieya), other locations will come later.

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