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19 Jan 2014

ACTED - Masterclass for Syrian refugee children in ACTED managed Kawergosk camp, Iraqi Kurdistan

German artist Reinhard Kleist travelled to Kawergosk camp in northern Iraq to conduct an art workshop for Syrian refugee children aged 8 to 14 years.

The children drew pictures of what they missed the most from their home and lives in Syria that they were forced to leave behind. The children were able to interact with the artist, to express their creativity and spend time in a safe and child friendly environment.

Reinhard Kleist is one of several artists being sent to refugee camps around the world as part of a project launched by Franco-German TV channel ARTE in collaboration with UNHCR, to collect and promote children’s artwork, produce photos and documentaries and hold workshops and interactive games with children affected by conflict.

ACTED’s manager of Kawergosk camp Iraq is highly enthusiastic about the project. "It gives a voice to the refugees living in a difficult context far from their homes. It is also a way for the children to get access through the workshop to different experiences, get new artistic skills and express themselves.”

Syrian refugee children have experienced trauma that no child should have to go through. A number of ACTED’s activities in Iraqi Kurdistan focalize on protecting, supporting and providing children and youth with safe spaces where they can play, learn and regain some semblance of normality.
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