03 Feb 2014

The Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society (KURDS) continues assistance to Syrian refugees

The Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society (KURDS) has been working on numerous projects to provide assistance to Syrian refugees in Dohuk, Erbil, and Slemani.  In Dohuk KURDS has recently completed the construction of Phase 6 of Domiz Camp where more than 710 shelters have been completed and handed over to UNHCR.  In Erbil KURDS is finalizing construction on phase 1 (512 shelters) of the permanent camp to be located in Kawergosk Camp and constructing UN offices in Qushtapa and Kawergosk.  In Slemani KURDS is completing work on Arbat Refugee Camp where more than 2048 families will be able to reside once work is complete.

KURDS has been active in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 1991.  KURDS activities have included the reconstruction of more than 30 villages and more than 1500 projects in the Kurdistan Region including Ninewah and Kirkuk Governorates.  Established to respond to natural and manmade disasters, KURDS has rebuilt communities and worked on numerous programs to increase awareness of a wide variety of topics from human rights to hygiene.  In 2008 KURDS received the Civic Award from the Kurdistan Regional Government. In 2007 KURDS was awarded and still holds special consultancy status with UN ECOSOC.

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