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10 Feb 2014

ACTED - Understanding the needs of Syrian refugee children by seeing through their eyes

Over half of the entire Syrian refugee population living in Iraqi Kurdistan, are children. Most have been through extremely traumatic experiences because of the ongoing crisis in their home country.

To support these vulnerable children and better inform the humanitarian assistance in terms of child protection, ACTED and REACH, in collaboration with other international and local organisations, are taking part in Child Mapping Activities in Erbil.

What happens during a Child Mapping Activity?

ACTED and REACH carried out what is called ‘child mapping activities’ during which children were asked to draw their surroundings in the camps or their neighborhoods.

Why is this exercise useful and how does it help?

Because with these drawings, humanitarian actors are then able to see through the children’s eyes and identify their needs and the gaps in humanitarian assistance for these Syrian refugee children.

ACTED is ensuring protection services for Syrian children in refugee camps throughout Iraqi Kurdistan. In Erbil, ACTED provides psychosocial support and has set up safe child friendly spaces in two refugee camps with support of UNICEF.
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