18 Feb 2014

Al tahreer Typical society Activity Update

Al tahreer Typical society Established a program to develop mechanisms of communication between NGOs and the Iraqi governmental institutions where it worked during the past few months to organize dialogues in all 15 governorates of Iraq through the selection of an organization which worked as a focal point in that province, during these dialogues and workshops involving more than 500 NGOs drafts were produced which represented the views and proposals of the organizations to develop mechanisms for communication between organizations and governmental institutions, at a later stage, the drafts were collected and combined to form one universal draft and was discussed at the general conference held in Baghdad in the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel and was attended by 90 personal of all the provinces with representatives from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Commission on civil society in the Iraqi parliament and a group of government officials during the conference, which spanned for two days to discuss and activate these recommendations and proposals.

It was agreed to continue to work jointly and follow-up during the coming period to ensure the implementation of the recommendations agreed upon and which will support the work of non-governmental organizations in Iraq increasing its influence in the reality of the Iraqi society.

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