16 Jun 2014

International Rescue Committee - Crisis in Iraq: Hundreds of thousands flee attacks on cities

The International Rescue Committee is deeply concerned by events in Mosul and elsewhere in Iraq. “The humanitarian crisis in Iraq, beyond the headlines of violent attacks, can no longer be ignored,” we said in a statement released today.

At the beginning of this year Iraq had a million internally displaced people and over 200,000 refugees. Since then almost 480,000 additional individuals have been displaced from Anbar alone and now, an estimated 500,000 people are fleeing fighting in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

How the IRC is responding
Within the first 24 hours of the massive displacement from Mosul, the IRC worked to ensure the continuation of our ongoing programs and prepared to respond to new humanitarian needs. We are deploying emergency teams to assess the situation and plan a response.

We are closely monitoring the crisis and assessing how it affects both the ongoing existing problems for internally displaced Iraqis fleeing violence, as well as the impact on Syrian refugees in Iraq.
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