17 Jun 2014

Harikar - Weekly Report 08-12 June 2014


-    PARC team did filed visit in non-camp area for 13 families/56 individuals and their needs were identified.
-    PARC referred 6 different cases of SAS and old refugees to different institutions that Harikar has coordination with for providing them with assistance and services.
-    Legal assistance has been provided for 6 cases of camp and non-camp Syrian Asylum Seekers and Turkish refugees. 
-    A case of a female SAS was accepted by DRC to be enrolled in their programs after following up by PARC protection assistant. 
-    PARC protection assistant with UNHCR visited a family in Karpit Ali Village in Batifa mayor, Zakho district. This visit was to review the situation of the three orphans whose ages are: the son 20 years, the sister is 12 years and the younger sister is just 9 years old
-    Protection Assistance with save the children made an awareness raising campaign in Etit/Duhok about the importance of registering the new born babies with UNHCR.
-    PARC/ Gawilan team did 6 protection interviews.
-    6 referrals were made by PARC/ Gawilan team to (1 PARC lawyers, 1 UNHCR protection team, 2 UNHCR CS team, 1 DMC and 1 DoH). 
-    PARC/ Gawilan team coordinated with IRC to get a bed for (1 male) he has physical disability (paralysis).
-    PARC/ Gawilan CS team referred 1 female who has epilepsy and 1 male who has a problem in his eyes to PU-AMI. 
-    PARC/ Gawilan CS team received new cases of SAS who are interested in job opportunities. 
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team provided 17 female SAS with job opportunities in a factory.
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team found job opportunities for 5 SAS males.
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team did a review with the factories to ensure that the SAS receive their salaries appropriately and regularly. 
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team reports that the Gawilan camp needs an ambulance since the truck that transfers the patients is too old.
-     PARC/ Gawilan CS team reported the medical case of the 7 years old child who has been burnt and has deformity in her body (hand bones do not grow up). 
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team referred 2 males to PU_AMI for having mental disabilities.
-    PARC/ Gawilan CS team followed up a medical case of 1 male SAS that has sight problems.
-    PARC/ Gawilan CS team referred 1 male SAS who has kidneys disease to Bardarash Hospital
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team did a follow-up for the situation of students during the examinations at two schools. 
-    No adequate water in the schools in Gawilan Camp; there is a problem in the water distribution network. 
-    PARC/Gawilan CS team referred 1 case of early marriage to UNHCR protection team.  
-    PARC/Gawilan team made an awareness raising campaign about "Early Marriage" with parents. During the campaign physical and psychological damages on the victims were explained. 
-    PARC/ Gawilan CS team did a follow up and update for all the cases of SAS with disabilities and specific needs.
-    PARC/Akre CS team assisted 1 female (over 18) to obtain leave from Asaiysh to go to Duhok to have a surgery for her daughter. 
-    PARC/ Akre CS team referred 2 females (over 18) to the protection team to find solution for their protection   concerns.
-    PARC/AKre CS team identified and assisted one male (over 18) to seek treatment at UPP clinic. 
-    PARC/Akre CS team has received an update for Arjin Ridhwan's case that her surgery appointment has been postponed to September 2014.
-    PARC/AKre CS team identified 3 families who decided to return to their country. 
-    PARC/AKre CS team followed up Kima Muhsen's case she was supposed to do the surgery today (June 12), but her doctor recommended to postpone the operation for the next month.
-    PARC/Akre CS team will provide a sewing training course for the females.
-    PARC/Akre CS team received 1 case of SAS who was interested in finding a job opportunity.
-    The Physical Education teacher needs storage for the sport supplies; the Akre CS team informed UNICEF about this issue.
-    The Kurdiny School in Akre started the second term exams and unfortunately some students were absent.
-    The Akre CS team identified 2 child labourers (CL) cases and referred them to the protection team to resolve their protection concern.
-    The Akre CS team with cooperation of the camp manager managed to solve a misunderstanding that happened among three families (kid’s issue) at sector E and bring their relationship back to normal status.
-    The Akre CS team in cooperation with the camp management managed to solve the problem between mother in law and her son’s wife (got married in April 26, 2014) the new family received a room in another sector.
-    The AKre CS team has supplied the refugees 4 backgammons, 4 Chesses, stories for children.
-    CSA identified 25 refugee families that were applicable under cash assistance program, (14 cases in Misirike, 1 case in Zimmar-SAS old case, 6 cases in Balqos, 1 case in Kalak and 3 in Moquble ex-military).
-    CSA distributed cash assistance to 11 families I Malabirwan and Hussainaya.
-    CSA distributed Student Transportation Allowances to 51 Turkish refugee students in Miserike, Muqoble Ex. Military and Muqoble.
-    CSA and the health advisor with UNHCR colleagues conducted 1 focus group discussion under the "Sensitization Campaign" for SAS old cases in Domiz district. The group discussion was intended to identifying their problems and needs.
PARC-Medical Reimbursement Program

• PARC team assessed 9 cases; 5 of them which were identified as the most vulnerable cases and Harikar medical forms were given to them. The following are the identified cases:

-    A 46 years old female had disc prolapsed who needs rest and treatment is not available through public health clinics.
-    1 young female and 1young male had asthma. They need to complete investigation to reach the exact diagnosis.
-    An old female had psychological illness (hypertension). She cannot afford the treatment since it is not available through public health clinics.  
-    A male had a chronic disease have relapsing and remission; he needs a continuous treatment.
-    Site visit to Thalassemia Center with UNHCR health unit to re assess the center needs and the requested medical equipment.
-    Receiving bids for the announced tender for the two QIPs of Barokh School.
-    Sharing the two BoQs of Dost School with DoE and revising them after having the DoE engineers’ recommendations.
-    Preparing contract for the rehabilitation of Bardarash Youth Center and negotiations with contractors for the two QIPs of Rangin School.
-    Site visit for Barokh/Asoda school in Semel with Companies' representatives.
* The total clients/cases received by Harikar-WLC at Domiz Camp were (43) cases; including counseling, referrals, legal, GBV, Psychosocial, health issues, jobs seekers and women interested in trainings.

* Other activities by HARIKAR-WLC:
-    PARC-WLC team went to DMC for a GBV case.
-    PARC-WLC team went to DTVAW for GBV case.
-    PARC-WLC team went to DMC to ask whether they can give diapers for disabled women or not.
-    PARC-WLC team went to UNHCR for following up two cases of disability.
-    PARC-WLC team went to CPU for an SGBV case.
-    PARC-WLC team has presented an information session to 10 women about Cholera in the women listening center.
-    Two new GBV cases were received by PARC-WLC team this week and they are following up.

-    In this week the GTI- Duhok team conducted two performances; the first one was in the Duhok Hall of Activities on Monday at 9 June 2014 at 4:30pm and 50 persons attended the play. The second play was performed in the Sumel Youth Center on Thursday at 12 June, 2014 at 4:30 pm and 50 persons attended the play.
-    Harikar staff met with the Direction of Education in Zakho to coordinate with them for showing the new theatre performance in 16, June 2014.
-    Harikar  Staff coordinated with (Khaber  Youth Center, PDK Women Union, Direction of Education in Zakho, Liqa 1 High School, Student union)

-    During the reporting period, a total of 15 cases were received in both legal clinic office and during the outreach visits. Among the 15 cases, 1 was full legal representation and 14 were legal consultations. The full legal representation case was (criminal defense for women). The legal consultations were given by the clinic Lawyers on various legal issues to the clients approached the clinic office and met during the outreach visits.
-    Regarding the outreach visits, 2 visits were paid to Akre and Amediya Districts. The team was consisted of a lawyer and a social worker. The visits covered the courthouses, women unions and IDP sites.

Child Friendly Space could enroll a number of children and youth from Domiz Camp in the various activities and lectures of the week such as: hygiene awareness, dance, listening short stories, painting, music and sports. Children who participated and attended the activities were between the ages of (4-17). The activities were held in Kulilik and Nergiz Centers at Domiz Camp. In this week, the two centers revived the International Children's Day. 

Four seminars were presented at Jiyan and Kar centers. The seminars were about "Early Childhood and Women Rights". Besides, teaching Kurdish language, general education and math for 240 beneficiaries is continuous at the two centers. Moreover, 120 beneficiaries attend computer lectures at Kar center. 

•    The team also requested DoH and DMC to add another kind of handout to our project about water quality in the camp to ensure refugees about the validity of the water.
•    Harikar and PWJ held two meetings with the Hygiene Promotion teams in Akre and Domiz camps. During our meeting the follow points were discussed and clarified:  
-    The quality and sources of using water in the camp.
-    Handouts and KAP survey.
-    Process of survey.
-    Work plan for HP teams on tent to tent visit.
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