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01 Jul 2014

HARIKAR - Weekly Report 22– 26 June 2014

  • Tuesday, 01 July 2014

-    PARC mobile team did 3 protection and monitoring visits for Syrian asylum seeker (SAS); 2 in (Duhok/ Baroshke and Shele) and 1 in (Semel/ Marina) for 26 families/119 individuals. The most vulnerable individuals were identified and 9 cases of the interviewed families were referred to each registration center at Domiz Camp for removing and adding family members on UNHCR certificates, to Azadi and Diabetes Hospitals to get free medication.
-    Providing Syrian asylum seekers (SAS) in camp and non-camp areas and in Turkish refugees settlements with legal assistance by PARC lawyers; (0) received cases, (6) resolved case and (2) legal advice cases. 
-    During this week, Harikar/ PARC provided (442) breakfast meals for the SAS in Bajid Kandala Transit Camp at the border point.
-    Harikar/ PARC has a hired a truck for transporting the SAS patients from Bajid Kandala Transit Camp to Zakho Hospital. During this week, the truck transported 9 SAS patients at different ages for treatment.
-    Community Services (CS) team of Harikar Community Center in Akre did 4 protection interviews in addition to 7 intake interview and identifying 1 female (under 18) who had a car accident which caused brain bleeding. The team also identified and assisted 3 other females and through following up their cases and referring them to UPP clinic to be provided with treatment.
-    The CS team of Harikar Community Center (C.C.) in Akre also assisted the vulnerable and pregnant women to have the priority to obtain their residency card at Gawilan Refugee Camp.
-    The CS team of Harikar C.C. in Akre with some volunteers assisted the elderly, disabled and pregnant women and moved their refrigerators, which were distributed by PWJ, to their places.
-    The CS team of Harikar C.C. in Akre identified 3 child labourers (CL) cases and referred them to the UNHCR protection team to resolve their protection concern.
-    CS team in Akre met with PWJ team and discussed to build a toilet for the Community Center cabins and supply the center with locker for the protection team to keep the files in a safe place.
-    CS team in Akre prepared a list for the most vulnerable cases/specific needs for Miss Antonia/UNHCR as recommended. 
-    The CS team of Harikar in Akre Community Center identified that 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades had positive results and the grades will be announced in July 5th 2014.
-    The CS team in Akre met with the doctor at the health center and contacted the DoH to supply the center with needed medicines.
-    The CS team in Akre camp identified 3 cases of smallpox. 
-    The CS team in Akre camp identified that the health center is continuously providing blood test for the SAS to obtain their residency card at Gawilan Camp.
-    The CS team in Akre camp identified that many SAS (females over 18) have been registered for sewing training at the community center.
-    The CS in Akre camp team identified that many SAS (approx. 40/ males and females over 18) applied for English courses at the community center.
-    CS team of Harikar Community Center in Akre referred 4 cases of Syrian asylum seekers; 1 to UPP for mental health services and 2 to UNICEF for registration at Child Friendly Space (CFS) and 1 to registration center for issuing UNHCR certificate. 
-    CS team of Harikar Community Center in Akre camp had a meeting with Tom for Rise Foundation to discuss the case of the female who has heat problems and the case of an SAS artist who is interested in a job opportunity.
-    CS team of Harikar Community Center had a meeting with Natalia from UNHCR and Harikar QIPs team to discuss the needs of the community center.
-    PARC/Protection team in Gawilan did 2 child protection interviews and made 1 referral to Department of Health in Gawilan. 
-    Hariakr CS team in Gawilan Refugee Camp assisted the SAS who came from Akre to obtain their residency permits especially the disabled, vulnerable people, pregnant and elders). For Friday 27th July, the CS team arranged 6 volunteers from IRC and UPP (4 males and 2 females); the two females to help pregnant women and the disabled, and the volunteers were told how to handle the mission and provide assistance. The CS team made sure that the volunteers can handle the work and fill the gaps.
-     Harikar CS team in Gawilan did a full scan of the families coming from (Domiz and Bajid Kandala camps) and made a list of the names of disabled and those with special needs with complete information about each individual in order to be given the priority for assistance. 
-    The CS team in Gawilan visited DMC and attended the distribution of cash assistance from (Ahmed Bonjq's/ Center for Supporting Freedoms and Human Rights).
-    PARC/ Gawilan team did 5 protection interviews.
-    6 referrals were made by Harikar CS team in Gawilan; 1 to registration center, 1 UNHCR protection team, 2 to UNHCR CS team and 2 to DoH in Gawilan.
-    Harikar PARC Manager attended the monthly regular program meeting at UNHCR/Duhok for June 2014.
Cash Assistance Distribution:

•     Harikar mobile team/PARC distributed total of IQD 4,490,000 cash assistance for 23 Turkish Refugees families, who had been identified as most vulnerable families, as follow:
-    (IQD 230,000 for 1 family in Malabirwan)
-     (IQD 170,000 for 1 family in Hussainya)
-    (IQD 1,260,000 for 6 families in Daratoo)
-    (IQD 1,430,000 for 7 families in Gregawre)
-    (IQD 130,000 for 1 family in Miserike)
-    (IQD 170,000 for 1 family in Kalak)
-    (IQD 1,100,000 for 6 families in Balqos)
Student Transportation Allowances:
•    CSA did an assessment for student transportation fees; 56 students were found applicable as follow:
-    11 students in Malabirwan
-    4 students in Daratoo
-    10 students in Hussainya
-    19 students in Gregawre
-    12 Students in Miserike. 
•    CSA distributed a total of IQD 240,000 Cash transportation allowance for 2 Students in Hussainya settlement. 
PARC-Medical Reimbursement Program

Harikar CSA team with the medical supervisor/PARC visited Gregawre refugee settlement for Medical Reimbursement Program and identifying the medical cases. During the visit, 10 cases were assessed; out of them 2 cases have been accepted for cash reimbursement. 

-    Signing a contract with Zango Company to start renovation works in Barokh/Asoda School in Semel. 
-    Meeting with UNHCR and the engineering department of DoH to follow up on the QIPs allocated for the health sector. Also, revising/writing the BoQs and proposals for Bardarash PHC, Deralok Health Center and Thalassemia PHC.
-    A site visit to Rangin School to monitor the interventions and to explain the distribution of the quantity of work. Also, working on amending the BoQ for the computer lab.
-    A site visit to Barokh School with Zango Company to start the interventions and explaining the distribution of work and coordination between school management and the company.
-    Meeting/coordination with DMC for opening a community center in War City.
-    A site visit to Akre Camp to explore the needs of Akre Community Center and to monitor the work of RISE Recreational Green Spaces in the Akre Camp.


* The total clients/cases received by HARIKAR-WLC at Domiz Camp were (33) cases including counselling, case management, referrals, health issues, disabilities and others.

* Other activities by HARIKAR-WLC:
-    WLC team in Domiz camp went out for Mobilizing 22- 23/6/2014
-    On 23rd of June 2014 WLC team in Domiz camp visited UPP in order to discuss about the job opportunity seekers which were referred to them by the women listening center (WLC) 
-    On 23rd of June 2014 WLC in Domiz camp has presented an information session about "Religious advices" to 14 women from Domiz camp. 
-    On 23rd of June WLC team in Domiz camp took an S/GBV case to ACTED.
-    WLC/Gawilan with UNHCR SGBV focal point followed up the case of a woman in Gawilan camp.  
-    WLC/Gawilan received a case from DMC/Gawilan and the team followed up the case to provide an appropriate assistance for the case.


-    GTI Team conducted a meeting with IRD on Sunday at 3:00 pm; the meeting discussed the coordination of performances, and also the influence of the recent situation in Iraq and their effect on the performances. 
-    GTI staff and IRD conducted a meeting on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 at 2:00 pm; the meeting was about the distribution of stationary and hygiene kits for host and refugees communities. 
-    The team performed 1 play in Semel- Sharyia / Sharyia Arts Hall on Sunday 22nd, June 2014 at 6:00 pm. 76 persons attended the performance. 


-    During the reporting period, a total of 15 cases were received in both legal clinic office and during the outreach visits. Among the 15 cases, 4 were full legal representation and 11 were legal consultations. The 4 full legal representations were (2 alimonies, 1 proving paternity and 1 criminal defense for men). The 11 legal consultations were (6 Obtaining for IDPs, 1 Obtaining identification documents, 1 Criminal Defense, 1 Alimony, 1 Assistance accessing government benefits, 1 Proving/registering marriage). The legal consultations were given by the clinic lawyers on various legal issues to the clients approached the clinic office and met during the outreach visits. 
-    Regarding the outreach visits, 2 visits were paid to Domiz and Akre districts. The team was consisted of a lawyer and a social worker. The visits covered the courthouses, women unions and IDPs sites.
-    Printing of legal clinic leaflet was completed and the leaflets were received. Dissemination of the leaflets will take place during the coming week targeting the courthouse, investigation courts, police stations and IDPs sites.


Child Friendly Space could enroll a number of children and youth from Domiz Camp in the various activities and lectures of the week such as: hygiene awareness, dance, listening short stories, painting, music and sports. Children who participated and attended the activities were between the ages of (4-17). The activities were held in Kulilik and Nergiz centers at Domiz Camp.


-    In line with the agreement signed between Harikar and PWJ in Iraq to implement the activities set forth under the project “Hygiene Promotion Program in Dohuk Governorate”. As the activities were planned that the team will start KAP survey for tent to tent visit before giving them handouts with the explaining. During reporting period the follow activities are in going;
-    In Akre camp: Harikar HP teams finished KAP survey (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice) questionnaire by visiting the remained 78 families of Syrian refugees in Akre Camp. The total number of families visited reached 278 families. In general the results of survey were the same as previous week but they were asking for Hygiene Kits and also during three months no one of agencies provided them with hygiene kits; therefore they were depending on their own selves for buying hygiene kits.
-    In Domiz Camp: Harikar HP teams started  KAP survey (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice) questionnaire by visiting the remained 650  families  3376 individuals of Syrian refugees in Domiz Camp from sector 1 to 30.
-    After the new handout has been approved by DMC and DoH about water quality in Domiz Camp, this handout was sent to printing house and the team will start distributing the handouts whenever the printing is done.
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