08 Jul 2014

IOM - Khazir Camp: IOM provides relief to displaced Iraqis

"I would like to leave Iraq and go somewhere else, to any peaceful country. The troubles started here a long time ago, back in the late seventies, and since then we have only had short peaceful intervals,” said Faisal, father of 14, who recently fled from Salah Al-Din to Khazir Transit Camp 20 days ago. "My house was completely destroyed," he said. “All I have today is what IOM has given us, these mattresses, blankets pillows, and a cooking stove" among some other supplies. Holding his youngest son in his arms, Faisal added with resignation, “I would like to go back to my city and rebuild my home, but I am afraid that we will not have peace for a long time. I want my kids to have normal lives not like mine. I am almost 50 and for most of my life, all we have had here has been war." An IOM monitoring team paid a visit to Khazir Transit Camp, a 40-minute drive away from Erbil. The team met with Faisal and other camp residents from Mosul Salah Al-Din, and other surrounding areas that have been subjected to violence.
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