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09 Jul 2014

REACH - Activities in May 22 - June 30, 2014

  • Wednesday, 09 July 2014
  • Participating in 3 coordination meeting conducted to assist the new Iraqi arrival IDPs to Sulaimaniya province after June 4th, 2014.
  • Preparation and coordination for Participatory Poverty Assessment projects for 10 villages in Sulaimaniya province.
  • Coordination meetings with Kurdistan regional universities and Higher Study Committee for Scientific Researches in the purpose of conducting a number of training and lectures for public to increase the awareness about the climate change and also preparation to modify specific laws about environment through Parliament members and other legal specialists.
Capacity Building:
  • Conducting 8 Health Awareness Training for total 400 Syrian female refugees in Sulaimaniya and Erbil Province pluse distributing Hygiene Kits on all the participants.
  • Conducting 3 training for farmers for 68 farmers in Hamawand and Degalla area in Erbil and Sulaimaniya province.
  • Continuing of 2 vocational training in Barika- Sulaimaniya province for the 17 women in Sewing and 13 men in hair cutting. 2 trainers are chosen from the Syrian refugees as well.
  • Continuing of Literacy courses for 12 Iranian refugees in Barika area Suliamaniya province.
  • Completing Sewing and Air-Condition vocational training for 16 females and 16 males of Turkish refugees in Makhmor – Erbil province.
  • Completing computer course for 25 Turkish refugees in Makhmur area – Erbil province.
Capacity building for REACH staff:
  • A two part training (one week each) has been accomplished about Community Based Psycho-Social Support for more 20 REACH staff. The training held by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.
  • Two days training has been accomplished about Participatory Vulnerability and Capability Assessment (PVCA) for 6 REACH staff. The training held by Christain Aid.
  • Helping 165 Syrian Families in House Rent Assistance and another 65 in Cash Assistance in Suliamniya province.
  • Helping 5 Syrian families in Cash for Work Assistance in Erbil Province
  • Distributing of 3220 Food Items 300 Hygiene Kits, 300 None Food Items for Syrian refugee families resident in Sulaimaniya Province and continuing with the process through July.
  • Preparation for assisting Iraqi IDP of the recent events after June 4 who are circulated around the border of Sulaimaniya and Duhok province.
  • Preparation for building a water pond for Ali Zangana village- Sangaw area in Sulaimaniya province which 12 families will be benefit from it.
  • Through the REACH Job Center for the Syrian refugees, jobs have found for more than 10 Syrian refugees in Suliamaniya province  like workers, engineers and teachers also 90 others have registered in the center to search for jobs in addition Resumes have been prepared for 70 of them.
  • Seeding 30 Plastic houses in Bareka - Suliamaniya province for the new season with 30 female Iranian refugees.
  • Making of 22 Kitchen Gardens and 2 Nurseries in Hamawand and Degalla area in Sulaimaniya and Erbil province which 22 families in the will be benefit from it.
Equipment, quick projects and renovation:
  • accomplishing 70% of community center building in Arbat camp for the Syrain refugees in Sulaimaniya province.
  • Approval Preparation for 10 renovation and building Projects for the Syrian refugees in Bahirka and Kasnazan area - Erbil province.
  • Start with Building 5 houses for Iranian refuges in Kawa camp - Qushtapa area in Erbil province.
Art and relieving distress
  • opening theatre and traditional dance course for more than 50 Syrian refugee in Arbat Camp – Suliamnaiya Province
  • opening a music course in Arbat camp – Suliamaniya province for 14 Syrian refugees above age of 15 and for 12 other below 15 who call themselves the Future Butterfly group.
  • Continuing the first phase of courses of (language, painting, music and sport) for more than100 Syrian refugees among age of (13 - 30) in Sulaimaniya province.
  • Opening sport courses to 20 Iranian refugees and more than 20 Syrian refugees in Barika area – Sulaimaniya province.
  • Conducting a friendly football match between football players of Syrian refugees in Arbat camp and Sulaimaniya urban on the occasion of the refugee day in Barika Area Stadium also Medals and cups were distributed to the players afterward.
  • Completing sport courses of volleyball and ping pong for 65 Turkish refugees in Makhmur are – Erbil province.
  • Completing volleyball course for 63 Iranian refugees in Qushtapa area – Erbil province.
  • Conducting need assessment for 30 Syrian refugee families in Bazian and another 17 families in Baenjan in Suliamniyah province in the purpose of opening 2 community centers to launch related activities for the Syrian refugees in the two mentioned areas.
  • Start need assessment process for the newly Iraqi IDP in Sulaimaniya, Erbil, Duhok provinces and Garmiyan area.
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