03 Aug 2014

Islamic Relief - Essential Aid Delivered Amidst Iraq Conflict

Islamic Relief is continuing to provide essential humanitarian aid to vulnerable families forced from their homes by conflict in Iraq.

An estimated 500,000 people in Ninewa were displaced when fighting broke out in June. Many moved elsewhere in the northern governorate, and large numbers of people headed to the Kurdistan region in search of safety. It is thought that families have been displaced to over 140 different locations – some as far south as Basra.

Sinjar, a town north of Ninewa, has seen an influx of some 50,000 people. Most displaced families are sheltering in government buildings including a sports stadium, or in makeshift shelters with little protection from the elements. Many are without access to even basic services such as water and latrines.

In addition, in western Iraq, [Anbar remains in a state of conflict] as government forces clash with armed fighters. At least 72,000 families are thought to have fled the violence – with around 21,000 seeking safety in other governorates.

Life-saving assistance for Ninewa and Anbar displaced

Relief Iraq has been working on the ground since the early days of the crisis. So far, we have worked with UNICEF to provide displaced families in Anbar with fifteen water tanks and thousands of water, sanitation and hygiene kits.

In Anbar and Salaheddin, over 3,000 families have received food parcels and 2,000 hygiene kits have been distributed. Almost 25,000 articles of clothing have been provided to displaced people in Anbar – whilst families affected by flooding in Abu Ghraeb have benefitted from 7,000 articles of clothing.

We teamed up with WFP to provide 500 families in Qaem, Anbar, with food parcels packed with essential staples. Around 150 families in Al-Khaser camp, who are displaced from Mosul, received food packs as well as water and other essential items.

In Ninewa, 1,500 displaced Christian families received Islamic Relief food parcels, filled with essential staples.

Islamic Relief has recently signed an agreement with UNICEF to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in Sinjar, and to supervise the distribution of vital aid items amongst up to 8,000 vulnerable people.

We are also shortly to begin installing around 1,000 Islamic Relief family tents to offer temporary shelter to those seeking safety in the camp.
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