03 Aug 2014

HARIKAR - Weekly Report 20-24 July 2014



•    PARC team did 2 field trips in (Duhok, Shakhke) and (Zhakho, Chamkork2) for 13 families/77 individuals. The most vulnerable individuals were identified and 8 cases of the interviewed SAS families were referred to different concerned NGOs and hospitals that Harikar has coordination with, to be provided with assistance and services. 5 of them were referred to registration center in Domiz camp.
•    Seekers (SAS) in camp and non-camp areas and in Turkish refugees settlements with legal assistance by PARC lawyers; (3) received cases, (2) resolved case and (3) legal advice cases. 
•    Harikar community services team (CS) in Gawilan Camp with the coordination of DMC had participated in the distribution of some electrical equipment funded by Nawal Company in Zakho. The equipment was (Air fan, Cooker, Water refrigerator, Frying pan, and Teapot). 
•    Harikar CS team in Gawilan referred 4 medical cases to PU-AMI. 
•     Gawilan/CS team has referred many medical cases to PU-AMI that lacks medical reports. PU-AMI will try to help them by contacting the health center in Akre and Bardarash to obtain a medical report for the cases, for the purpose of following up and finding their treatment.
•    Harikar CS team in Gawilan provided 2 SAS with job opportunities.
•    Gawilan/CS team attended an introductory meeting held by ACF who has just installed its office in Gawilan camp. The purpose of the meeting was to make ACF knows about the activities and services of other agencies; Harikar, IRC, UPP, UNHCR attended the meeting.
•    CS team in Gawilan made an assessment about the students who left the school, 33 students of them left the school therefore CS team referred them to UNICEF to find out the reasons behind them not going to school.
•    CS in Gawilan team follow-up (1 female) in a SGBV case with the WLC in Gawilan and referred another SGBV case to UNICEF.
•    For unknown reasons fire set in Gawilan camp, three tents were set on fire and Gawelan CS immediately respond to the accident. Tents were provided from Qandil and DMC for the families. The fire left zero injuries. 
•    Harikar NGO Provided (297) breakfast meals in this week for Syrian refugees in Bajid Kandala Camp.

Cash Assistance Program:

•    CSA distributed a total of IQD 4,330,000 Cash Assistance for 23 families as follow:
IQD 1,650,00 for 9 families in Daratoo
IQD 860,000 for 4 familes in Malabrwan
IQD 1,820,000 for 10 familes in Hussainya
Student Transportation Allowances:
•    .  CSA distributed a total of IQD 2,000 Cash Transportation Allowances for 2 Students in Balqus.
Medical Reimbursement Program
-    Harikar Health Advisor and CSA visited hussainiya and Daratoo refugee settlements and assessed 8 cases, 5 of them were identified as the most vulnerable cases.
-    The identified as vulnerable cases had been provided with Harikar Medical forms to be filled by their doctors and followed up by HHA later on.


Site Visits:
1)    To Barokh school (with UNHCR personnel) to monitor renovation/work on foundation
2)    To discuss the content of BoQs with bidding companies and show the following sites: 
a)    Bardarash Youth Center  b) Akre Emergency Hospital  c) Deralok PHC  d) Thalassemia PHC  e) Rheumatic Diseases Center  f) Dost School 
-    Announcements Tendered:
1)    For new equipment for:  
a)    Duhok Emergency Hospital  b) Thalassemia PHC  c) Akre Emergency Hospital
2)    For renovation projects with approved QIPs:
a)    Thalassemia PHC renovation  b) Akre heating and cooling unit package  c) provision of washing machine and dryer for Duhok Emergency Hospital  d) Renovation of Deralok PHC  e) Renovation of  Rheumatic Diseases Center  f) Dost School  g) Renovation of Bardarash Youth Center.


The total clients/cases received by HAIKAR-WLC/Domiz camp were (109), (14) cases of them were GBV cases while the other (95) cases were NON-GBV

Other activities by Harikar-NGO

-    Harikar WLC  in Domiz camp did two times mobilization 
-    Harikar WLC  in Domiz camp has received 2 new GBV cases 
-    Harikar WLC  in Domiz camp has taken a GBV case to the police station to find a solution for her case (legal)
-    Harikar WLC  in Domiz camp has taken a GBV case to ASAYSH and Registration to issue a new UNHCR form
-    A Psychologist from MSF visited the WLC for coordination meeting.
-    UNHCR/SGBV vocal point has visited the women listening center to review all the GBV cases with the staff
-    Harikar WLC in Gawilan camp employed eight volunteers
-    Harikar WLC in Gawilan camp Got DMC's approve on the employed staff including Guards, cleaner, and the eight Volunteers
-    Harikar WLC in Gawilan camp followed up a domestic violence case
-    Harikar WLC in Gawilan camp Attended a coordination meeting held by ACF with the presence of UNHCR, UPP, CSA, and IRC


During the reporting period, a total of 15 cases were received in both legal clinic office and during the outreach visits. Among the 15 cases, 4 were full legal representation and 11 were legal consultations. The 4 full legal representations were (2 Divorce, 1 Recovering debt, 1 wage of similar). The 11 legal consultations were (4 Assistance accessing government benefits, 3 Obtaining IDs for IDPs, 1 custody, 2 finding jobs, 1 Inheritance). The legal consultations were given by the clinic lawyers on various legal issues to the clients approached the clinic office and met during the outreach visits. 
- Regarding the outreach visits, 2 visits were paid to Sumel and Akre districts.
The team was consisted of a lawyer and a social worker. The visits covered the Courthouses, women unions and IDPs sites.
- Legal clinic leaflet have been distributed during the reporting period (70) leaflets In Sumel districts. 


Harikar and PWJ under the project of Hygiene Promotion Program in Duhok were still moving forward on their activities. After passing some weeks from our activities in Domiz and Akre Camps, all the volunteers had a good understanding of their duties. The volunteers visited houses from sector 1 to 30, distributed and explained the handouts for the families they visited. They have covered most of the families from those sectors, majority of the families had a good way of treatment with HP volunteers and they welcomed them. The process was achieving success in both Camps due to the work undertaken by HP volunteers. The families were being promoted and familiar with many different health and self-related topics which would be very helpful for individuals and the refugees around. 
The number of families visited by the volunteers during this week was 553 and the total was 1400 families visited in Domiz camp, the number of KAP survey for the families was 8 families (35 individuals) from some sectors during reporting period. The total KAP filled reached to 1778 families (7591 individuals)
Just like the previous week, some issues and topics have been raised by families visited more like complains, some families were still complaining about the following points:
•    Low quantity of water
•    Not distributing the plastic bags
In Akre Camp, the KAP survey was finished and the volunteers were visiting the families and distributing the handouts with explaining details within the handouts. Akre team had visited 88 families, discussed and explained the related subjects and topics on hygiene aspects. Also, ways for prevention, how to treat with diseases while being infected and by this way the process has got the families satisfaction. Also, Harikar/HP team held a meeting with HP volunteers and Akre camp leader. Discussions about problems were raised by families which were mostly related to the low quantity of water. As a result, HP team counted the quantity of water that was sent to Akre camp per person with the camp leader. According to the international scale, it was a big quantity of water. HP team agreed that the problem is in the consumption of water, and in this case, refugees should treat water in better ways.
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