05 Aug 2014

FUAD - IDPs Situation in Kirkuk

Straining from 2006 Kirkuk city was one of the cities that received  IDPs from the cities that witnessed military operations and ethnic conflicts  and these families came to Kirkuk because of the stable of security situation of the city .But this year there were a notable increase in the  number of the  IDPs, particularly  when the military operation began in Anbar (before seven months) and increased more after the fall of Mosel and Salaheldeen (before two months) in the hands of ISIS,and these armed groups are continuing fighting with the Army forces and the Peshmerga forces and day after day they are expanding their control over new areas which in return increases the numbers of Displaced families whom flee from their origin places toward Kurdistan or Kirkuk seeking for saving their family’s members life.
Yesterday was the first working day after Eid al-Fitr Holiday and thousands of IDPs were gathered in front of the MoDM /Kirkuk Brunch holding their official papers and IDs and seeking to register their names within the records of MoDM.
FUAD team met with these families to stand on the reasons of their gathering and what are their basic needs in their displacement circumstances, we get THEIR replies and were as bellow:
  1. Numbers of IDPs came to register their families in the records of the MoDM although they came to Kirkuk from a long period but they ignored registering their names to ensure their rights and most of these families were staying in their relative houses.
  2.  They came to follow up the procedures of receiving the Government grant (one million ID).
  3. Some of these families were displaced twice during the last five months to two different places and they were requested by the MoDM /Kirkuk brunch to bring Clearance from the MoDM of the first displaced location which impossible because their first location was in Tikreet which is now in the hands of the armed groups and no one can access to these locations therefore they are waiting any kind of support from the MoDM Kirkuk to proceed their papers without the clearance.
  4. Most of these families we met replied that up to this date they didn’t receive any aids   from the Government nor the NGOs, despite that some of them had been displaced to Kirkuk for six months, they said that they are continuing attending the MoDM Directory twice a month (although it cost them transportation fees) hoping to receive any aids but nothing is being offered to them.
  5. Few of these families were received the first Government grant which was 100 Thousand ID before two months and were requesting about the possibility of receiving the new grant with one million ID, they also expressed that these amount don’t cover their basic needs of food and made them to ignore other basic needs such as renting cost or health care treatment. 
  6. Some of these families asked for food items for their being unable to buy the food and basically asked for milk for their infants with ages less than two year that the milk price are too high for these families to provide .
  7. Most of these families are requesting to cover them with the government grant of one million Iraqi Dinars and to speed up the distribution process for their being in dire need to cash amounts to feed their families and for their being unemployed and no chances for any kind of work is available in Kirkuk.
  8. Large numbers of these IDPs were asking to specify a particular day of the week for each government IDPs this shall work to reduce the large numbers of the IDPs attending the MoDM directory every day.
  9. They requested about the date of opening a camp as they heard from media and they were hopeless in finding a place to protect them because they are unable to hire or rent house and they are living in Mosques ,school building and unfinished structures of houses and they are depending on the wealthy peoples and neighbors charities in feeding their families and this matter can’t be for a long time so they think in the camps at least they can ensure getting feed by the authorities and have  place can gather their families without need to cash amount to pay rent.
  10.  They were complaining from the size of support and help in addition to  ignorance by the Government and UN Agencies and the International and National NGOs for the displaced families in Kirkuk that don’t fit with the large numbers of the displaced families when comparing with the size of support and aids being provided to other Governorates particularly in Kurdistan, ,and through us as a local NGO of FUAD they were asking the Government Authorities and the Organization to pay more attention to the large numbers of IDPs that’s increasing day after day to save them from death of hunger or poverty ,and most of them said that they fled fearing to be killed by the military operation but if these situation goes on in this way it shall increase their sulfuring more.
  11.  The basic needs of these families was first of all cash amounts then the food items then NFIs ((Mattress ,blankets ,pillows ,kitchen set ,Hygienic kits, water and fans because of the high temperatures of the weather) because all of these families left their origin places without bringing any staff with them such as.
We had identified during our field visit that there was  an differences in the date of the displacements of these families but the needs still the same .there were some aids offered to the IDPs by the Government and the International NGOs ,where the MoDM distributed cash amounts ( 100 thousand ID per each family) ,Red Crescent had distributed food Package for the IDPs that covers the family needs for three days, hygienic kits was distributed to IDPs families by Save children, UNHCR distributed NFIs also to some of the IDPs, but all these aids didn’t cover the needs of 20% of the IDPs families in Kirkuk where  Yesterday the MoDM Director declared that the number of the IDPs in Kirkuk city reached to 33 thousand families and on increasing ,not all of these families newly came to Kirkuk but some of them encouraged to record his family in the MoDM records after allocating of one million ID per each displaced family by the Government.
 After we met with the IDPs and heard their comments, we would like to mention that the arge numbers of IDPs request from the International Organizations and its local Partners to offer the administration support to the MoDM for facilitate the registration process and following up their cases. We are publishing this report to be available to all the concerned People working on the IDPs in Kirkuk to work to alleviate their suffering during the displacement and find suitable solutions to make them live with dignity and peace in the Iraq, at the same time we ready to offer our support and reply on any question relates to the IDPS in Kirkuk. 
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