11 Aug 2014

ACDI/VOCA - Targeted Skills Trainings - Kurdistan Economic Development Organization (KEDO)

ACDI/VOCA partner Kurdistan Economic Development Organization (KEDO), which, since 1994, has been promoting local economic development, is an ongoing participant in the BPCS Targeted Skills Trainings for Organizational Development. The trainings were developed based on a range of organizational assessments, which provided valuable information on the skills and capacity needs of local Civil Society Organization (CSO) partners. This highlighted the need for trainings in the areas of Gender Mainstreaming, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Geographic Information Systems, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Cycle Management, Accounting, Management Information Systems, Communication, and Procurement and Compliance/Leveraging.
At a recent training, General Director of KEDO Mr. Hussam Barzinji was eager to express his appreciation to the USAID/BPCS program for its ongoing efforts to build the capacity of local Iraqi organizations like KEDO. “BPCS is providing KEDO with a valuable opportunity”, he stated. “Thanks to USAID assistance, our work is much more organized. We have gained significant benefits, including learning how to apply and write governance and human resource policies. We have a much greater appreciation of the need for consistency in procedures and how different departments can work together to achieve better outcomes. Participation in the BPCS program is a valuable opportunity for us and we thank USAID and ACDI/VOCA for providing these trainings.”

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