11 Aug 2014

ACDI/VOCA - Mansoriya Health Centers’ Support Benefits Iraqi Citizens

Via the Marla Ruzicka Iraqi War Victims Fund, USAID/BPCS partner Hara’a Humanitarian Organization (HHO), ACDI/VOCA, and the Diyala Health Directorate have assisted two health centers in Mansoriya, Model Health Center and Al Jabal Primary Health Center, which lacked essential medical equipment and supplies needed not just to provide basic community health services, but also to treat victims of insurgent bombings. Each health center has been equipped with a range of vitally important medical equipment, such as digital electrocardiograms (ECGs), emergency resuscitation equipment, surgical instruments, and collapsible hospital gurneys.
“The Mansoriya Health Centers were and remain ready to receive injured people because they are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment provided through the Marla Fund”, said Dr. Mahdi Husam Jawad, Manager of Mansoriya Health Department. “This equipment affords the center(s) an opportunity to treat many different types of injuries. Without it, the process of transporting and treating the injured people would have been very difficult and many more deaths of innocent people would have occurred.” 
The remit of Marla Fund assistance under BPCS, expected to help thousands over the next several years, has already had a positive impact on Iraqi civilians – and not just those affected by terrorist violence. “While the Marla Fund assistance has played a huge role in helping innocent people injured by terrorist actions, the support to these two Health Centers is also contributing to improved community health and ensuring better medical services for all of our citizens,” said Dr. Jawad. “For this, we thank USAID and the American people for their ongoing support in saving the lives of Iraqis and helping our communities move forward.”
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