12 Aug 2014

Relief International - Activity Update

The humanitarian situation in Iraq has deteriorated rapidly in recent days with the brutal takeover of additional areas of northern Iraq by ISIS. Thousands of Iraqi civilians have fled in fear of their lives, particularly those from vulnerable minority groups including members of the Yezidi and Christian faiths. Many Christians have fled to Ankawa in Erbil, and as a result of limited space and resources, are seeking shelter in churches, public parks and on the street. Ascertaining the exact number of persons displaced is becoming increasingly difficult as many of the displaced are still in transit or may be moving from one location to another.

Relief International (RI) is working to identify and meet the urgent needs of these vulnerable IDPs. RI has provided 300 child kits containing essential supplies to families in Ankawa and is conducting needs assessments in Ankawa, Zakho and Baharka Camp.

RI is already well-established in Erbil and Duhok, serving displaced Iraqis through provision of gender-based violence prevention and assistance services, and hygiene promotion services, and serving Syrian refugees through health, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and education community messaging as well as providing water quality monitoring services to ensure access to clean and safe water.

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