12 Aug 2014

HARIKAR - Weekly Report 3-7 August 2014


•    PARC team did 3 field trips in (Semel/ Misereek) and (Duhok/ Masike and Malta) for26 families/118 individuals to assess the needs of the SAS and identify vulnerable individuals.
•    Non-camp CS/PARC team referred 10 cases of SAS to different concerned NGOs and hospitals that Harikar has coordination with, to be provided with assistance and services. 5 of them were referred to registration center in Domiz camp.
•    Seekers (SAS) in camp and non-camp areas and in Turkish refugees settlements with legal assistance by PARC lawyers; (1) received cases, (3) resolved case and (4) legal advice cases. 
•    Gawilan protection team referred 5 cases 1 to Gawilan registration camp and 1 to UPP, 2 to PARC legal assistance and 1 to WLC.
•    Harikar protection team in Akre identified 1 SGBV case and followed up the case with UNHCR.
•    Protection team in Akre met and coordinate with "Siri Hauser" from a German organization that will hold some training courses for the teachers who teach Syrian children in Akre.
•    Protection team in Akre met with UNHCR to follow up a registration case.
•    A medical follow-up has been done by Dr.Muhammad Marzoq from UNHCR to refugee patients.
•    WLC/Domiz received 2 referral cases one to registration and the other one to MSF.
•    Gawilan/WLC attended a training presented by UN-WOMEN on psychological first aid which lasted for two days. 

Cash Assistance Program:
Student Transportation Allowances:
Medical Reimbursement Program
-    CSA team with a PARC health Officer visited  refugee settlements in Moquble Camp and Domiz settlement to identify Medical cases that are applicable under Medical Reimbursement Program. 
-    In Domiz, one case of a middle-aged man with renal failure was accepted and identified according to UNHCR criteria, the case need follow-up and emergent renal transplantation.
-    In Moqible, 2 cases were assist and identified, 1 of them was a middle-aged female that had thyrotoxicosis that needs follow-up and continuous treatment, but of the medication are not available in P.H.S the other case was a middle-aged female that had a traffic accident  and had multiple fractures in bones, she needs a lo t of operations in private hospitals which cost's are very high

•Bids opening procedures “rehabilitation, ITB003 & providing equipment ITB 004 “ 
• Site visit to Bardarsh youth center with UNHCR Team to prepare handover procedures.
•Site visit to Barokh School with UNHCR technical team to follow up the mentoring and the intervention.  
•Office work, reporting & Bids analyzing


-    *The total clients/cases received by HAIKAR-WLC/Domiz camp were (97), 7 of them were GBV cases 
-    Other activities by Harikar-NGO
-    WLC/Domiz has done two times of mobilizing this week.
-    1 new GBV case has been received this week by WLC/Domiz camp
-    WLC/Domiz team followed up a case (providing a tent) with PARC CSA in Domiz and founded solution for the case.
-    The legal center of Domiz camp has visited women listening center to coordinate with them.
-    Gawilan/WLC Volunteers started mobilizing inside Gawilan Camp to announce the opening of the centre and to inform people with the centre’s services.
-    -Gawilan/WLC received a domestic violence case referred from Harikar/gawilan PA.  
-    -A domestic violence case visited Gawilan/WLC office. 
-    -Gawilan/WLC attended a training presented by UN-WOMEN on psychological first aid which lasted for two days.  
-    -Gawilan/WLC staff visited Gawilan/DMC to get the last updates on the statistic number of women and kids.


- During the reporting period, a total of 15 cases were received in both legal clinic office and during the outreach visits. Among the 15 cases,3  were full legal representation and  12 were legal consultations. The 3 full legal representations were (2 Criminal Defense, 1 Alimony).The 12 legal consultations were (6 Obtaining IDs for IDPs , 2 Obtaining identification documents,   2  Alimony, 1 Assistance accessing government benefits, 1 Inheritance). 
The legal consultations were given by the clinic lawyers on various legal issues to the clients approached the clinic office and met during the outreach visits. 
- Regarding the outreach visits, 2 visits were paid to Shekhan and Sumel districts.
The team was consisted of a lawyer and a social worker. The visits covered the Courthouses, women unions and IDPs sites.


Harikar and PWJ under the project of Hygiene Promotion Program in Duhok in this Harikar HP teams visited (374) tents in Domiz camp from sector 1 to 30 and they continue distributing 4 kind of handouts with explaining the topic in handouts and some other related subject to our project. PWJ and JPF staffs together visited project to join with HP volunteers and Harikar stuffs in the time of visiting tent to tent in Domiz camp. JPF staffs have discussed on some other water issues and refugees problems in general such water condition, sharing toilets and sanitary issues; they appreciated our work and the topics within each handout.

The Plan for Next Week

•    Continue distributing the handouts for the remained tents in Domiz camp.
•    working on the topics related to The Posters
•    Working on Focus Groups.
Legal Social Center 
In this week LSC team working has participated in two training courses  , the first one was on GBV and SGBV concepts in Domiz camp, which was presented by Dr. Aveen , in which she explained everything related to violence against women in all cases , the team participated with discussions and exchanging views by giving vivid examples from the society , and the abuse that the refuge women face in their daily life as well as the basic laws related to women rights, and the way of applying it , and the penalties that will face offenders in case depriving women from their basic rights ,finally the main point that the trainer , and the team focused on was about visible and invisible violence .  

The second one was on psychological first aids, which was presented by social worker expert Ms. Dilkhwaz, in which she explained the mechanism  of dealing with the IDPs particularly those who are under the shock concerning the situation that they have been through ,the most important thing is that the staff learned the following ;                                              
1- The techniques of self –controlling under pressure.                                
2- The main steps that should be taken in critical situations.                     
3- How to offer appropriate help.                                       

Child Friendly Space 

Child Friendly Space could enroll a number of children and youth from Domiz Camp in the various activities and lectures of the week such as: hygiene awareness, dance, listening short stories, painting, music, sports, art crafts, and flexibility with the parents program. Children who participated and attended the activities were 700 children between the ages of (4-17). The purpose form the activities was to fill the spare time the children have and those activities were held in Kulilik and Nergiz centers at Domiz Camp.

Community Cohesion in Northern Iraq (CCNI)

-    GTI staff conducted a meeting with IRD to discuss the rehearsal and the written scenario of Duhok Group. 
-    The major achievement of CCNI was that 6 performances were conducted that was attended by an audience of approximately 350 people. The team was rehearsing for 16 days for this performance.
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