14 Aug 2014

IRC - Newly Displacement from Disputed Areas in Nienewah Province

Due to the recent deterioration in the security situation in Sinjar district since Aug 3rd 2014 
and the subsequent of deterioration in the security situation in the rest of the disputed 
areas in Ninewa province, through coordination with different resources; local government 
authorities, tribal leaders, sheikhs, mukhtars, priests, patriarchs, key informants of host 
community and IDPs in disputed areas where ISIS armed groups (Islamic State of Iraq and 
Sham) impose their control, also Ninewa PARC team has a database on minorities who were 
living in Ninewa province through their protection monitoring activities, and in addition to 
the field visits conducted by Ninewa PARC teams in Sinjar district before the recent 
deterioration, the Ninewa PARC teams could get below information about newly 
displacement from disputed areas in Ninewa province (Sinjar district, Zumar sub district, and 
regions of Sahl Ninewa).
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