14 Aug 2014

ACDI/VOCA - The Imam and the Pastor

In an effort to reinforce and encourage tangible signs of the desire of Iraqi civilians to live in peace with each other, and in keeping with USAID/Iraq’s BPSC program goal to improve citizen’s understanding and importance of their role in society, the Diyala-based Civil Society Organization (CSO) Hawa’a Organization for Relief and Development, held two screenings of the documentary film, “The Imam and the Pastor.” Produced by a UK-based non-profit focusing on reconciliation and peace-building, and supported by the US Institute of Peace (USIP), the film focuses on fostering inter-religious dialogue, building relationships and leading training in conflict prevention, mediation and reconciliation.
In advocating for a culture of peace and dialogue among Iraq’s various ethnic and religious groups, the screenings of “The Imam and the Pastor” highlights how to transform grievances and hurt in ways that can lead to reconciliation, and shows how small social changes can produce lasting justice and peace. Hawa’a has now distributed copies of the film to a number of schools in Muqdadiya district and local CSOs encouraging them to host screenings in their communities. “The film conveys a wonderful message to everyone living in this country,” said Majid Hady, Administrative Manager of CSO Hawa’a. “Viewed not only at CSOs and schools but in many homes, it raises awareness of how to live peacefully, especially among young people upon whom the future of Iraq depends.” 
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