17 Aug 2014

ASUDA - Asuda Participates In Campaign To Provide Relief Aid To IDPs

Asuda started a project with Christian Aid organization for Syrian women refugees in Sulaimanyah; particularly 
in Bazyan, Baenjan, Peramagron, and Sulaimanyah center. The project is specialized for women and girls in 
refugees and host communities in Sulaimanyah governorate who are affected by the crisis in Syria. There are 
currently 11,102 female refugees in Sulaimanyah province, 10,160 of them are urban refugees: they live 
scattered among the urban host community. Those women are realizing their rights to protection and assistance. 
 2,000 women and girls (plus 10,000 indirect beneficiaries) are increasing access to protection and assistance 
services, achieved through greater awareness on available services for refugees and host communities, 
including Asuda’s services. In addition, GBV is being addressed appropriately in the communities through 
community forums, resulting in improved response and prevention mechanisms. Also, hygiene and sanitation of 
2,000 women and girls is being improved as a result of receiving female hygiene kits and information on health 
and hygiene.

Asuda has a protection department which is specialized in protecting women who are victims of gender based 
violence in their society. Protection department in Asuda is responsible of defending women in different 
aspects of life. It protects women from physical, sexual, psychological violence. This department solves 
women’s problems by interacting directly to their lives and by talking to them and their families over time 
until the problem is solved.     It also provides lawyers for legal needs, psychiatrists and social workers for 
psychological needs. 

Asuda staff and volunteers joined a campaign launched on 12 August aiming at collecting donations and relief 
items to IDPs displaced due the the recent crisis in Kurdistan. The campaign involves several local NGOs and 
activists, set up a collection point in front of the Sulaymaniyah Office of Kurdistan Parliament. Participants 
have set up several committees tasked to mobilize resources as well as distribution of relief aid
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