19 Aug 2014

Civil Development Organization - Clothing Distribution among IDP Children




On the 17th of August, 2014, CDO travelled to Haji Awa sub-district within the Ranya district of Sulaymaniyah
governorate to distribute children’s clothing, children’s shoes, dried milk and men’s shirts to refugees and IDPs
originating from the Kurdish region of Turkey. In 2012, owing to the ongoing conflict and increasing intensity of
violence in Turkey between PKK (Kurdish Worker’s Party) and the Turkish State, 12,700 individuals associated
fled to safety to Makhmur camp in the district of Erbil, Kurdistan. However, this year, owing to increasing
violence and security issues due to advancements of the Islamic State (IS), 3,400 of these individuals have been
forced to flee to safety in Haji Awa within the Sulaymaniyah governorate of Kurdistan. First refugees, now IDPs,
these individuals are living in mosques and funeral halls within Haji Awa and are in great need of humanitarian
CDO is a non-government organization and one of the most active organizations working in the Kurdistan
region. CDO is involved with many refugee assistance projects, particularly assisting vulnerable individuals;
therefore the plight of these IDPs has been brought to CDO’s attention, requiring immediate response




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