26 Aug 2014

REACH - Activities in August: 1-24/08/ 2014

-    Meeting with the delegation from German Humanitarian Assistance in different occasions to discuss the situation of the new Iraqi IDPs especially from Yazidis and Christian and work to help them in a better way. And also site visiting to Ashtar school in Erbil province while REACH- Iraq was distributing 500 Food Packages to the Yazidi IDPs.
Capacity Building:
-    Conducting the first PVCA (Participatory Vulnerable and Capacity Assessment) training  for 32 volunteers from 11 villages in Hamawand area – Chamchaml Disrict- Sulaimaniya province to start a PPA (Programm Partnership Agreement) project with the selected 11 villages.
-    Basic computer course has started in Daratoo village - Duhok with a Turkish trainer for 20 students in age of (12-15). This project funded by UNHCR
-    Starting with 3 Computer courses 2 courses in Makhmoor camp and 1 course in Kawa camp Qushtapa – Erbil.

-    Distributing 1000 Food Packages to new arrivals of Iraqi IDPs; mostly Yazidis and Christian, in different areas of Duhok province like (Baadra district, QaserYazdin village,  Feshkabour village, Qarawla village, Seje village and city center) this project funded by (DHH, DKH, actallinace)

-    Distributing of 800 CRI (core relief items) which supplied by UNHCR for 800 IDP families in city center of Kirkuk.

-    Through its offices in Sulaimaniya, Erbil and Duhok REACH - Iraq has distributed 2232 Food Packages for the new arrivals IDPs especially Yazidis and Christian, the process will also serve the Syrian Refugees in Sulaimaniya province. The project is funded by DHH, DKH and AA.

-    Also the 1200 Food Packages and  345 None Food Packages have been distributed to the new Iraqi IDPs from Yazidis and Christians especially, who are moved to the city of Sulaimaniya from Mosul and Diyala Province. the project is funded by DanChurchAid, Irish Aid and Christian Aid. 

-    Garbage Diposal process for Muqabla camp - Duhok in Aug, 2014 was continued as usual twice a week.   

-    Completing sewing vocational training for 17 Syrian Refugees in Bareka - Sulaimaniya also preparation for new sewing training.

Equipment, quick projects and renovation:

-    Going in to the final stage of Building 5 refugee houses in Kawa camp  - Qushtap - Erbil for Ex-Alwaleed refugee. This project is funded by UNHCR
-    Renovation of 8 Green houses in Makhmoor camp - Erbil has been completed. This project is funded by UNHCR
-    Renovating of Zahawi primary school in Brayaty – Erbil. in addition to construction of WCs in this school and laboratory benches with furniture to serve 300 Syrian, 750 IDPs and 80 Local Students.
-    Upgrade and Refurbishment of Pirzeen Health Clinic by providing the health center with medical and administerative equipments and also construction of the new room which is used as registration room. The number of the beneficiary in this health center approximately 3000 patients per Month from Syrian refugees, IDPs and the Locals.
-    Progress bar showed 30% for renovation process of Bainjan Primary School in Bardaqaraman village – Sulaimaniya.

Art and relieving distress:

-    volleyball courses have started in Domez Camp and Meserek Compound – Duhok in August, 2014. the course will continute for 2 months. Volleyball suites have been distributed; for the same purpose, for  2 female  volleyball  teams in Domez and another 4 volleyball teams in Meserek Compound, Each player received a (Shirt, T-shirt, sockets, trainners).
-    Arranging a Futsal match between Iranian refugees team in Barika  - Sulaimaniya and Ranya Futsal team, the match conducted in Barika district – Sulaimaniya. Also a volleyball match between Syrian Refugees in Arbat district and Afrodet Girl Team in Sulaymanyah, the match conducted in Arbat camp in Sulaimaniya.

-    Conducting need assessment for new Iraqi IDP who moved from Anbar, Salahaddin, Mosul, and Diyala to Kirkuk province.
-    Assessment process for 40 and 35 Iraqi IDP families separately from (Qarahanjeer , Shwan and Alton Kopri) areas has been completed for Agricultural – Bee keeping and green houses installation purposes.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
-    3 site visits in the mid of August for supervising and monitoring 31 Plastic Houses productive progress, in Barika District - Sulaimaniya which 56 Iranian Refuges are benefiting from it.

The Donors for REACH – Iraq projects are:
-    UNHCR  (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) 
-    DKH  (Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe ) 
-    DHH (Deutche Humanitare Hilfe ) 
-     (Act Alliance) AA  
-    DCA (DanChurchAid)  
-    IA (Irish id)
-    CA (Christian Aid)
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