26 Aug 2014

ACTED - Activity Update

Over the past two months, in response to the current crisis, ACTED teams have provided emergency assistance to over 20,000 displaced families in northern Iraq.
Having been responding to the crisis since June 10th, the first day of mass displacement from Mosul, ACTED has reached 22,760 families to date through distribution of food parcels, hygiene kits and basic household items in partnership with WFP, UNICEF, and UNHCR. Working in urban areas and in camps, ACTED has reached over 60 communities in Duhok, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Ninewa, and Diyala Governorates, including with over 19,000 food parcels and nearly 6,000 emergency hygiene kits.
In the past week alone, responding to the latest influx of internally displaced people to KRI as well as to ongoing need, ACTED has distributed food items and core relief items to over 4,200 internally displaced families in Erbil (Noya and Ainkawa), Sulaymaniyah (Bakrajo, Hajiawa and Sangasar), Diyala (Hahari Taza) and Duhok (Amedi, Semel, Akre and Shekhan).  
Furthermore, over the past few weeks, ACTED began implementing emergency response child protection activities in Duhok Governorate. In partnership with Harikar and supported by UNICEF, ACTED has set up Child Friendly Spaces  and Youth Friendly Spaces for internally displaced children and youth in six communities in Khanky and Sharia – with over 880 registered children and youth –  and will be starting to support children in Bajid Kandala camp in the coming days. 
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