18 Sep 2014

Human Relief Foundation - Distribution of NFI in Al-Khazr Camp

For over 20 years, HRF has been instrumental in helping to relieve human suffering and save lives in some of the most underdeveloped regions of the world. From the initial humanitarian relief programmes launched in 1991 to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the war in Iraq, HRF has continuously strengthened and broadened its activities to incorporate development cooperation, conflict transformation, capacity building and humanitarian diplomacy and has expanded into different regions of the world.
In Iraq, with the presence of two offices, in Baghdad and Mosul, HRF had participated in the mitigation of both man-made and natural disasters that marked the country for years.
After 10th of June 2014, a major influx of IDPs, had fled Al-Mosul city heading to Kurdistan region targeting many areas such as Al-Khazar camp, 50 kilometer west of Erbil, were they had settled in tents. In the hot long summer of Iraq, these tents were in desperate need for cooling means. HRF had recognized this need and distributed over 100 air coolers and 100 water tanks for Al-Khazar’s families
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