23 Sep 2014

DRC - UPDATE – Iraq Program Emergency Response

Activities completed for the reporting period in the Kurdistan Region and South/Central of Iraq:

In the Kurdistan Region

Camp coordination continues in Bajit Kandala (BK) 1 and 2. The two camps are visited 3 times weekly.DRC team worked on verifying the 1,000 IDP returnees, who were registered by local authorities and representatives of 19 villages across the Sehala Bridge.  Several distribution activities were done during the week including: 1,300 hygiene kits for 1,300 families in BK camp; also 1,000 food parcels and 1, 360 hygiene kits were distributed in 19 villages in Zumar area for 1,000 IDP returnee families. 

In South/Central Iraq

On-going Protection Monitoring with total of 828 cases documented in Baghdad (612) and Diyalla (216), for the reporting period. 357 of the documented cases have been identified for cash assistance in Baghdad. 600 IDP families (more than 3,300 individuals) in Ramadi, Anbar Governorate received an assortment of food parcels, hygiene kits and non-food items from DRC. The distribution was implemented in collaboration with the Ramadi Volunteers Network and facilitated by community stakeholders. One staff from DRC-Baghdad was in Ramadi to supervise the distribution.
DRC has prepositioned 1,000 household kits comprising food parcels, hygiene kits and non-food items in Ba’aquba, Diyalla Governorate.
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