25 Sep 2014

Nature Iraq - Activity Report

Background and Introduction

Nature Iraq is an Iraqi non-governmental organization registered in Iraq, accredited to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Iraq’s first and only Affiliate to Birdlife International, and the only Middle Eastern member of the Waterkeeper Alliance.
Nature Iraq was created to protect, restore, and preserve Iraq’s natural environment and the rich cultural heritage that it nourishes. Our mission includes fulfillment of the following goals:
  • Improve the capacity of Iraq’s institutions to protect its environment, including local and national governmental and non-governmental bodies, along with universities, colleges, and scientific institutes.
  • Develop a scientific database of environmental conditions and trends within Iraq through environmental monitoring and research programs focusing on water resources, ecology, and biodiversity.
  • Encourage environmental awareness and stewardship of Iraq’s environment by promoting community-based environmental centers and clubs, developing environmental education programs in Iraq, and maintaining global awareness of Iraq’s environment.
  • Promote the sustainable use of Iraq’s environment and resources, respect and balance the traditional use of the environment by indigenous inhabitants, preserve wildlife and biodiversity, and address the economic needs of both local inhabitants and the nation.
Nature Iraq’s guiding principles are reflected in the work we do: * We foster dialogue and decision-making through consensus; * We maintain a separation from political, ethnic and religious factions; * We respect cultural diversity and traditional knowledge; * We follow international guidelines and conventions for environmental restoration; * We focus on local capacity building of existing and emerging Iraqi institutions; * We collect and use the best scientific information available; and * We encourage local stewardship and work to engage indigenous inhabitants in planning projects and decision-making.
Over the course of 2013, Nature Iraq implemented a wide variety of projects, and an even wider range of events and activities not directly associated with projects. Our ongoing work revolves around three central issue areas:
  • Biodiversity: We are helping to address the gaps in knowledge caused by years of nonexistent scientific research on the biodiversity of Iraq, and train new leaders to catalog and care for the flora and fauna of the country.
  • Water Resources: We are fighting for the rights of Iraqis to access clean, plentiful sources of water, and monitoring water quality and quantity to have objective standards with which to shape the conversation.
  • Sustainable Development: We are modeling ways which Iraq can guarantee a prosperous, stable future for all its citizens.
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