05 Aug 2021
Climate change and Conflict as mutually reinforcing drivers of climate mobility in Iraq’s dryland settings Please download the attached file
05 Aug 2021

NEW - SCI Newsletter

Thursday, 05 August 2021
It is our 30th Anniversary in Iraq! Please download the attached file
03 Apr 2021

UIMS - Annual Report 2020

Saturday, 03 April 2021
Please download the attached file for the most important activities and projects that we carried out in 2020.
22 Jul 2020
Harikar NGO, as one of its obligations towards humanitarian works, to be transparent and accountable before beneficiaries and partners, and as one of its core concepts, is sharing Harikar Activities’ Dashboard and Harikar Monthly Activity Report in public. Below indicated links, directs the respective reader to Harikar Activities’ Dashboard and Harikar Monthly Activity Report, updated on monthly basis, presented in a visual and interactive shape. Worth to note, in Harikar Monthly Activity Report, implemented activities could be found within individual clusters that Harikar works in. Harikar Activities’ Dashboard: http://reports.harikar.org/ Harikar Monthly Activity Report of June: http://reports.harikar.org/june/june.html
15 Jul 2020

CDO - Newsletter - June, 2020

Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Please find attached CDO June, 2020 newsletter.
National campaign against COVID-19 Pandemic Iraq-2020 In cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Environment (MoH), The United Iraqi Medical society for Relief and Development (UIMS) is implementing - Under the slogan “# Sahetak Amana” - a national campaign against COVID-19 pandemic in Iraq - Baghdad for one month June 29th till July 27th 2020. The campaign will target ten districts, five in Kark side (Al-Huriya, Al-Shula, Al-Aamel neighborhood, Al-Amiriya and Al-Dora), and other five in Al-Rusafa side (Al-Sader city, Al-shaab, Baghdad Al-jadeda, Al-Zafaraniya and Baladieat). Which are considered as the most affected districts within highly increased number cases. The campaign will target more than 5 million citizens through multiple medical mobile teams. Our…
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