07 Sep 2016
Baghdad, August 27, 2016 - ALMORTAQA Foundation for Development urgently provided to 1650 IDPs with drinking water on Saturday. This came in response to this emergency need for IDPs in the camp in conjunction with the sharp rise in temperature.
06 Sep 2016
FUAD Organization continued the distribution of ready to eat meals for the IDPs as below:   1-30/8/2016 (50 kits) in Northern check point of Daquq, and (21 Kits) in Southern check point of Daquq. 2- 1/9/2016   (109 kits) inside of Kirkuk city in Al-Wasti neighborhood.3- 2/9/2016  (31 kits) inside of Kirkuk city in Panja Ali. This project is being funded by the IHPF.
The activity report of 6 September 2016 can be found attached below.
06 Sep 2016

NRC - Activity Update 6 September 2016

Tuesday, 06 September 2016
Kirkuk: Hawija displacement Currently NRC’s activities in Kirkuk consist of mainly Shelter and WASH in non-camp settings, however this is likely to change with on-going operations in Hawija and Mosul. Last week NRC distributed 1,050 non-food items (NFI) such as mattresses, jerry cans, kitchen supplies and blankets to displaced families from Hawija. The distribution took place on 28, 29 and 30 August. NRC continues to participate in coordination with other organisations and the local government in Kirkuk in readiness for the Hawija response. Area contingency plans for Kirkuk are now completed for Hawija and Mosul IDP’s. 2 security assessments of checkpoints have been completed and Access assessments are to follow. The need for substantial Shelter assistance continues. An SDC Tender…
ALMORTAQA team in Sulaimaniya carried out an assessment of the needs of the IDPs schools in the province to the north east of the country. The assessment covers 13 schools in the first stage will hopefully be followed by a second stage soon
06 Sep 2016
ALMORTAQA began catchup classes for IDPs students in the Amiriyah Fallujah This comes as part of a project implemented by the Foundation in Anbar province, preparations took a full month. It is worth mentioned that 371 students are involved in these lesson.