22 Oct 2014
A mobile team of QANDIL Swedish Humanitarian Aid Organization provides Protection and Legal Assistance to the 250 displaced families from Sinjar settled at the Harsham IDP Camp, north of Erbil.
20 Oct 2014
PROTECTION ASSISTANCE AND REINTEGRATION CENTER (PARC) IN CAMP & NON- CAMP AREAS/ UNHCR PROGRAM • PARC Protection and Community service team monitored the newly arrived refugees from Kobane in Ibrahim Khalil throughout the week to monitor and to assess their needs. • Providing SAS from camp and non-camp areas with legal assistance by PARC lawyers; (2) received cases, (0) resolved case and (2) legal advice cases. • The total clients/cases received by HAIKAR-WLC/Domiz and Gawilan camps were (142), (45) cases of them were GBV cases while the other (97) cases were NON-GBV. Please find full report attached below: 
With your help, Christian Peacemaker Teams raised over $2500 to help 90 Yazidi families living in unfinished houses near Dohuk. Our partner organizations Wadi and Alind used your money to purchase mattresses, blankets, and food for these families. Two weeks ago, a delegation representing seven countries traveled with CPT to visit the 90 families. We talked with them, shared card games and tea, and observed how their situation has improved. Pictures from our visit are attached below. But these families still need your help. It has rained much of the last week, and as it gets colder here the families need plastic sheeting to cover the unfinished sides of the houses. They told us that when it rains, the wind…
fter the 1991 Gulf War, reports circulated that said depleted uranium was responsible for many health problems among veterans and Iraqi civilians. Since then, depleted uranium has been the subject of a heated international discussion. Recent research shows that depleted uranium can, indeed, harm people and the environment. It is vitally important for everyone to know about its potential consequences. PAX believes that with a prohibition, the Netherlands supports the international call for transparency and offers this transparency to its own military personnel. Because it is part of a coalition, the Netherlands works in places where depleted uranium has been used. The consequences of this use in Iraq also need studying. The Iraqi government needs help cleaning up contaminated areas.…
19 Oct 2014

Harikar - Children's Activities

Sunday, 19 October 2014
Harikar NGO in Coordination with Zewa Center have done some activities for children who fled from Mosul, Singer , Zumar and other areas.Such as (Computer education, Drawing, Music sessions
19 Oct 2014
PAX is organizing a festival for Minorities in Baghdad on October 23 and 24 in Mutannabi Street: Salam Baghdad. The festival will celebrate the diversity of Iraq and promote peaceful co-existence. During two days, diverse activities will be organized including conferences, showing of video documentaries, theatre play, photo exhibition, debates, food tasting, music, a surprise flashmob ... Please come and share the news around you ! For more information, you can contact me or take contact with Ibtisam, the coordinator of PAX in Baghdad: +964 771 110 6701 The festival is organized in the frame of the Kulluna Muwatunun program (we are all citizens) funded by the European Union. You can visit the facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/Kulluna.Muwatinin