The escalation of violence and unrest in the city of Mosul, northern Iraq and in other areas has forced thousands of families to flee their homes. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society immediately responded and activated an operations room to provide food aid and tents for the families displaced from Mosul to the northern provinces. According to the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, more than 32,000 displaced people from Mosul had to sleep in the open near the borders of Kurdistan region of Iraq. The Assistant to the Secretary General of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Mohammad Alkhozai said: “The Iraqi Red Crescent operations room was formed from six provinces as we mobilized all our resources to assist the displaced families. We…
Harikar did not forget its role in bringing joy and happiness to the Syrian refugee children who suffer from the devastating life circumstances and made them feel home and safe in their day. This joy came ahead for the refugee children and parents through reviving the International Children's Day in each Domiz, Akre camps and in urban area. The organizing team gathered children and gave chance to many of them to participate in the activities. In Domiz Camp, Harikar's WLC organized some entertaining activities with ACTED Organization and Kulilk Center, for the refugee children. These activities were short comedy and educational plays that intended to give joy and awareness to the children. The organizing teams called for 50 disabled children…
Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid held an Awareness Session about health instructions for IDPs (Internally Displacement People) using a team of youth volunteers in cooperation with USAID and the project of Primary Health Care. There was also coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH) and Al-Hurriah City Council. The attendees were some women in Al- Rajaa Complex on 4 June 2014 and 40 Hygiene Kit were distributed for Beneficiaries. The important subjects were women and child health, health protection ways, importance of vaccines and health services that are available in primary health Care centers.
10 Jun 2014

Mercy Hands - TV Interview

Tuesday, 10 June 2014
Iraqi TV2 interviewed General Education Director (Dr. Adel Abdul Raheem ) and Programs Manager and Member of BoD - Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid ( Dr. Ghaith Hamid Hameed) in program (Ahla Sabah ) about the Educate A Child Initiative (EACI) that was implemented by Mercy Hands with support from UNESCO and the Iraqi Ministry of Education (MoE) . The TV interview took the reality and reasons of children who dropped out of school and showed how to encourage them to return back to school by using accelerated learning, in order for them to go back to regular learning.
10 Jun 2014
Harikar has released its weekly report of activities for the time period of 01-05 June 2014. Please find the attached document.
In cooperation with NCCI and funded by UNHCR, as a part of NEP14 project, UIMS implemented Medical Assessment Needs for new IDPs Project in Al-Qaim. Our mobile medical teams covered more than 600 IDPs families out of 1,600 families until now and our plan is to cover all IDPs families in the city of Al-Qaim and all its neighboring areas.