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24 Jun 2013

Widows Training and Development Center - Widows International Day

Glorification to widowed women, the Association of the United Nations announced the June 23 of each year from 2011,as the International Day for widows and approved  this in December 2011
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations said “in his message on  the occasion of the International Day for widows  "No Women should lose any rights when lost her husband, but there are an estimated 115 million Widow, now living in poverty and 81 million widow has been exposed to physical assault. And girls who are married to older  men are  especially vulnerable to the  violation of  their rights. Let's take the occasion of the International Day for widows to call for the rights of all widows so that they can enjoy a better life and achieve what great potentials they have to contribute to our world. "
And Iraq is one of the countries in which  the proportion of widowed women had rose  after the events of 2003 due to the war and the security situation that has created approximately one and a half million widow, according to statistics of the Ministry of Planning that the  majority of the widows are  young and uneducated and growing in numbers in  the past ten years , suffering from harshness of life and grief and low-living standards as a result of  the loss of the financial provider and the burden of supporting their children, the  increased talks of  their support is  to no avail,the only real support is  the  social Welfare salary  which “too little to make any difference”  we as organizations of civil society call upon the concerned authorities in this International Day for widows to take notice of  this society layer  that suffer severely .
We as the widows  training and development  center are working hard with all our means  to offer a helping hand to widowed women  through  training sessions to enable them to find jobs to provide for  living in addition to workshops and  legal awareness ‘where many of them are unaware of  the  rights guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution’ as well as educational workshops  in various fields to make  them aware of the social welfare salary , the WTDC’s   staff works to provide humanitarian support  obtained from the supporting parties of the center
Iraqi widow and the International Day for widows

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