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30 Jun 2013

Bent Al Rafedain Organization - "Assistance to the Department of Domestic Violence" in Babil

  • Sunday, 30 June 2013

Statement from Bent Al Rafedain Organization:

A higher committee to implement the project "Assistance Department of Domestic violence " in Babil
Babil province formed a higher committee to implement the project "Assistance Department of Domestic  Violence”  which included in its membership local officials in addition to  Bent Al Rafedain Organization (BROB), which proposed the formation of the department.
Alyaa Al Ansari (BROB Executive Director) said that the administration of the province of Babil officially informed the organization to form a committee consisting of the Director of the Office of the Governor Falah Hassan and Governorate consultant for Women's Affairs Thikra Salih in addition to a representative of the Police Directorate and member of  Bent Al Rafedain Organization (BROB).
Al Ansari showed that the task of the committee is to form a the department  approved under Law No. (1) for the year 2012 issued by the province of Babylon in December 2012, according to the proposal from the organization, noting that department  in the case of its establishment will enable women in the province and the rest of the neighboring provinces of getting their rights and anti-family and community violence directed at them
Al Ansari also said that our organization has worked for several months on enactment of Local establish the department and work in campaigns defending which was attended by many members of the Iraqi parliament and local officials and activists civilians as well as the media figures through a team (media figures with you), which consists of a number of media volunteers to support the establishment of the department.
She added that the organization presented at the September 2012 to the provincial council with a draft law prepared by the team of jurists appointed by the organization that managed to pass the draft in the Council.
She concluded by saying  that the organization did not stop at this point but continued its efforts to establishing department  through her direct contacts with officials in the province who have been delegated, expressing the hope that sees the light with department early next year 2014 as pledged by the administration of the province.

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